Amazon Advertising – Taking Advantage of Where the Shopper Is

Amazon has grown to become one of the biggest online retailers. Companies are now able to sell directly to Amazon, cutting out middlemen you might have to deal with when going a more traditional route and increasing ROI. 

Amazon’s use of its search feature is similar to that of search engines. Amazon’s advantage, however, is that they shorten the customer’s buying timeline. Rather than browsing multiple sites, customers go directly to Amazon when they are looking for a new product. Not to mention if you have Prime, completing your shipping and billing is just a few buttons away. 

What Can I Do With Amazon Advertising?

Amazon’s self-managed options function similarly to other search ad platforms. With Amazon, you have a few options on how to display your ads.

  • Sponsored Products: 
    • Sponsored products appear in the search results, helping bump your product listings to the top of the search results for general queries. 
  • Sponsored Brands:
    • Sponsored Brands take up more space on the search result page allowing you to include your logo for brand awareness and customize a headline to appear along with your products. 
  • Display and Video:
    • With Amazon’s offerings expanding offline through Alexa and the Fire Stick, they’ve opened new options for advertising as well. Using display or video, brands can showcase more of who they are by creating captivating graphics that can be shown on Amazon’s display network. 

Is It Right For Your Business?

  • Consider your inventory: Are your products sold in bulk? Do you have the inventory ready for restocks?
  • Consider your revenue stream: What percentage of Amazon sales contribute to your gross revenue? Is another one of your sales channels more profitable?
  • Consider your budget: Like most digital PPC campaigns, it takes some testing to figure out your sweet spot. Amazon recommends starting budgets anywhere between $10-50/day for initial testing. 

Not quite ready to make an investment on the platform? You may want to consider the Amazon Store Pages. Amazon also offers sellers and vendors an option to create their own multi-page store on Amazon for free, allowing you to promote your brand and products. Amazon allows creators to have a little more flexibility in your creativity and show off your brand.

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