3 Benefits of Website Animation

There’s no denying that animations have been taking over the web design world these last few years. Using animation effectively can help increase engagement, improve usability, and increase sales. In this article we will explore three benefits of utilizing animation in your website design.

Increase Engagement

Animations are a great way to increase user engagement. Animating website elements such as buttons can focus attention and increase clicks and encourage the user to explore the site further. Incorporating animations in a way that the user can interact with creates a more satisfying experience.

Enhance the Brand

Well thought out animations can help enhance any brand. 7UP utilizes a clever bubble animation in this page to showcase how light and refreshing their sparkling lemonade is. Even though the animation is simple, it adds an airy quality to the page and also directs the eye beautifully to the main headline.

Better User Experience

Since attention spans are so low, user experience is extremely important. Utilizing animation to help users find what they are looking for can drastically increase usability.

There is a growing trend to have the top section of landing pages take up the whole screen. The problem with this is that it can look like that is the only part of the page and users don’t see any content below it. One simple solution is to use animation to direct users to scroll down like Violetta. The animation is subtle, but it still lets the user know there is more awesome content to be seen on the page.

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