Personifying Your Brand

The anticipated collaboration, Adidas x Ivy Park, finally dropped, and trust me Beyonce did her thing. Brand collaborations with music artists are far from uncommon. It works and here’s why!

In the music industry, the product is the music itself, whether it be an album or a single. But the brand is the artist. Fans don’t even have to love the music but because of their strong brand loyalty, they’ll support their favorite artist. 

This brand loyalty is the same reason artist are able to take on other brand partnerships. Companies like Adidas, Beats, and Canon don’t partner with an artist because of their talent but because they know their fan base is so loyal that they will support the partnership and buy their products. 

Now you may be thinking, I don’t own a sports team or record label… how do I do this for my brand? Create a mascot. Take a look at how other industries have done this for years. I bet you know these brands so well I don’t even have to tell you where they are from. And guess what? That’s what makes them genius. Without a catchy jingle or clever tagline, you’re already thinking about their product. 


Coyote & the Spurs

Okay maybe, I’m biased with this example as a San Antonio native (#GoSpursGo). But seriously if you ever saw the Coyote outside the Spurs Arena you’d recognize those green eyes and mischievous personality as Coyote!


Kernel Sanders & KFC

KFC has even transformed this cartoon graphic to a real-life actor for commercials.  


Gecko & GEICO

Who doesn’t want to save 5% or more on anything? This friendly lizard makes insurance simple and approachable.

Tony the Tiger and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

Who doesn’t love this G-R-REAT! Example? While they weren’t my favorite cereal growing up, I could appreciate Tony as a likable motivation tiger. 

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Mascots help you personify your brand, allowing your audience to connect with your business on a personal level.

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