Blunder and Recover: Three Marketing Mistakes That Companies Make

Precious amounts of time are spent towards marketing efforts and yet many companies feel that the results are not what they expected. With a new and improved website, promotions circulating, and ongoing paid search campaigns, why isn’t money falling from trees?

What companies fail to realize is that although marketing efforts are all separate tasks, there must be cohesion in the planning, creation, and execution. Companies must understand what they are marketing, what they want to achieve, and where they want to achieve it.

If you’re unsure of where you’re going wrong or what you need to improve, we’ve got you covered on three of the most common marketing mistakes companies make and how you can recover from them.

1. Marketing without a strategized plan.

Companies tend to believe their product is magical, can do everything, and that anyone with an income will buy it amongst all other similar products. This is common mistake number one.

The truth is, in order for your product to succeed you need to define a specific target market in which your product will flourish. Plan it out thoroughly – write out what your product offers, define who you want to reach, set a price structure, and find that one advantage your product has over your competitors.

After, market it like the wind through all the media you choose.

2. Inconsistency within your brand.

Although some companies do take appropriate steps in outlining their company’s position, it is common for many employees within the company present their own spin on things.

Unfortunately, when the positioning language is disseminated inconsistently it results in a confused target audience who is unsure of who you are and what your company has to offer. The only way for your market to truly understand how awesome your company is, by ensuring consistency.

Clearly define who you are and what you offer. Take pride in what makes you different from your competition. There’s no shame in being fabulous! Launch your positioning statement throughout your company and make sure every stakeholder has it memorized properly.

3. Selling words you don’t have.

It is great to know what your product can offer and what its biggest advantages and disadvantages are. Know your product and market it like there’s no tomorrow, but never market something you’ve never tested that can’t be validated. Many brands have faced lawsuits due to this very blunder, or worse, upset their customers.

Like stated, take pride in being fabulous, and only market what you know about your product.

Faking it until you make it does not apply in marketing!

The next time you set out to market your product and brand, avoid the blunders. Nothing is sweeter than seeing your brand successful and making a difference.

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