Time for a Logo Redesign? Reasons Your Current Brand Mark Might Be Falling Short

Your Mark Does Not Work in One Color

Every logo design should consider the eventual use of the logo in one solid color. There may be a situation where you can only print in black and white, your logo is being used by a partnering company on a colorful background graphic, or perhaps you want your logo to become a secondary element. Whatever the case, do not cripple your brand design by making your logo static.


Logo Examples One Color

Your Logo Does not Scale

Nobody should be squinting to see your logo. Unless they need glasses, but then and only then is it okay! On occasion, your logo will need to exist no bigger than a half-inch (consider a pen, business card, & social media profile images). In these instances, make sure your logo can stand against the test of scale. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a logo design that can only be read/deciphered at a large scale.

Logo Examples Scale


No Logo Extension

Logo extension has to do with the ability to extend your logo past its original form to multiple variations of itself. An example might be left-aligned, centered, or stacked. While the layout of the elements may change, the fundamentals of the design remain the same. An extension of the logo might also include a tagline or the separation of the logomark from its wordmark. The option to use variations of your logo for different use cases/media will help strengthen your brand’s cohesive aesthetic.   

Logo Examples Extension


Your Logo Design is Not Timeless

Is your logo designed to stand the test of time? From typographic selection to iconography, your logo should avoid design trends that may not be relevant in the year(s) to come. Trends may include retro ‘70s colors, art deco type selections, or being overly modern.

Logo Examples Timeliness


Your Mark Has Too Many Moving Parts

Familiar with K.I.S.S.? No, not the band. It stands for “Keep it super simple, silly!” Brand recall is how likely someone is to remember your brand. The simpler the shape and construction of your logo, the easier your brand recall. Nike, Apple, & Target are great examples of keeping things simple. Remember that your brand extends past your logo design, so do not be afraid to run with a simple logo. 

Sometimes less really is more. Your tone of voice, product, customer service, and interior design will help tell the rest of your story.

Logo Examples Simple


Your Visual Identity Does Not Match the Tone of the Brand

A logo should match the tone of your brand voice. If you are in tech, but your logo is using an ancient typeface with serifs, you may be sending the wrong message. Similarly, if your brand is upscale and elegant, you may want to consider using an older, or more sophisticated typeface. 

Design is indeed subjective; however, we make categorical associations and assumptions with certain design elements. We can’t help it, it is in our nature. We can use this to our advantage, however, and make things a bit more objective. Think about your brands’ tone and pair your logo design with other established brands. Does it fit in? What associations can be made with your design and others within your industry? 

If you are finding that there are not a ton of parallels, there is a chance you may have missed the mark with your logo design.

Logo Examples Tone

No need to fear though, Tribu is here to help. We’ve got a badass tribe of graphic designers just waiting for the chance to create something cool for you. Contact us today to get started!

Find Sara on “The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast” chatting about Brand and Disruptive Growth with Host Rob Kischuk

A few weeks ago our CEO, Sara Helmy, had the joy of conversating with host, Rob Kischuk, on “The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast”.

Find the episode, titled “Branding for Fast, Disruptive Growth” here.

You’ll hear Sara responding to some of Rob’s compelling questions on the future of Tribu, lessons learned in growing Tribu, and the industry in general.

Want to listen on Apple? Find it here.

Prefer Stitcher? Find it here.

Tribu Creative Gets Listed at GoodFirms for Crafting Right Digital Solutions

GoodFirms Features Tribu, Advertising and Marketing Agency in San Antonio - Announcement Cover Photo

Tribu Creative is a professional digital marketing company that creates winning solutions for clients by tracking the latest trends and combining them with their in-house expertise. Read about the firm’s offerings and its services below.   

Company Introduction

Tribu, in Latin, means a set of people who share common beliefs. It was started in 2011, in the United States. The firm was initially created with only two employees, but now it has become an unstoppable firm consisting of rarefied talent aiding innovators and risk-takers usher in disruptions to the world. The firm has experienced professionals who work with robust technological beliefs, allowing them to provide the best services possible.

After the firm was established and caught the attention of businesses through excellent work, they purchased their own and fully renovated buildings. This is the place where Tribu is known to create magic through their work. Since they have started working as a professional firm Tribu has become unstoppable delivering exceptional services.

GoodFirms Research Process

GoodFirms is a website that aims to guide service seekers in hiring any firm suitable for their business type. The companies listed on the website have to pass through a strict evaluation process to achieve rankings on the website. Quality, Reliability, and Ability are the factors that are considered when evaluating businesses. These parameters are highly crucial because it gives service seekers an idea to choose a dependable business partner.

In the same way, GoodFirms evaluated Tribu and found them delivering the best digital marketing, advertising, and web designing services.

Digital Marketing Services

The digital marketing team at Tribu provides clients with exceptional digital marketing services to enhance their business visibility online. The firm translates clients’ ideas into practical digital strategies. In the fastest-growing demand for digital marketing, Tribu keeps track of all the latest trends evolving in the digital area; this is why they can serve clients with the best digital marketing services.

Each client can be rest assured to receive the best services from Tribu because the well-versed team works fervently to amplify the brand’s presence. As an ROI-driven firm Tribu lets the clients enjoy a wider digital presence and let their customers know about the business. 

The new methods adopted by the firm have always resulted in providing great service and winning market share. Thus for creating winning strategies for every clients’ niche, Tribu earns a position as one of the top digital marketing firms in San Antonio at GoodFirms.

Advertising Services

The other expertise possessed by Tribu is advertising through branding. The expert team stops at nothing when it comes to delivering exceptionally creative and award-winning graphic designs. The firm delivers services to new companies and established brands to help them reach potential target markets. Armed with a dedicated team and new methodology of work, Tribu is always ahead of time while delivering any service.

The tribe of enthusiastic professionals does maximum research before creating any strategies. As a brand’s extension, the firm has made various businesses come close to their customers. By understanding the clients’ business and their goals, the firm helps them deal with market gaps and competition. To deliver any services, the firm follows four general approaches that are

  1. Balancing the left and right brain
  2. Quality over quantity
  3. Keeping it real
  4. Making it collaborative and fun

Since the firm’s establishment, they have been following these approaches to deliver clients’ the best services. Therefore, for being a reliable firm Tribu is one of the top advertising agencies in Texas at GoodFirms.

Website Design

Tribu is working exceptionally well to design a website that is a company’s brand identity. Positioned as a fastest-growing consumer group Tribu designs websites with new methodologies and processes to make businesses rise in the marketplace with a new identity. 

To bring a positive shift into the clients’ business, the knowledgeable tribe translates ideas into meaningful reality. They help brands of every type, whether it is an established brand or just stepped into the digital world. 

With keen comprehension of clients’ business, they work to develop necessary skills. This way they establish the brand’s presence and help them achieve huge ROI. In addition to this, the team of dynamic professionals goes beyond the traditional method to work as the clients’  extended team to win in the marketplace. Thus, for being a reliable firm with forward thinkers, Tribu is on GoodFirms radar as one of the top web design companies in the USA at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C.-based GoodFirms is an innovative B2B Research and Reviews Company that extensively combs the market to find top Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Website Designing Services firms that offer the best services to its customers. GoodFirms’ extensive research processes help rank the companies, boost their online reputation and help service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

About the Author

Anna Stark is a staff writer with GoodFirms – a Washington D.C.-based B2B Research Company that bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role includes gauging companies’ performances and their key attributes and putting them into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and is always on the lookout for new strategies and ideas that companies have gladly embraced, and then helps them shine a light on those to make their identities shine brighter. 

Personifying Your Brand

The anticipated collaboration, Adidas x Ivy Park, finally dropped, and trust me Beyonce did her thing. Brand collaborations with music artists are far from uncommon. It works and here’s why!

In the music industry, the product is the music itself, whether it be an album or a single. But the brand is the artist. Fans don’t even have to love the music but because of their strong brand loyalty, they’ll support their favorite artist. 

This brand loyalty is the same reason artist are able to take on other brand partnerships. Companies like Adidas, Beats, and Canon don’t partner with an artist because of their talent but because they know their fan base is so loyal that they will support the partnership and buy their products. 

Now you may be thinking, I don’t own a sports team or record label… how do I do this for my brand? Create a mascot. Take a look at how other industries have done this for years. I bet you know these brands so well I don’t even have to tell you where they are from. And guess what? That’s what makes them genius. Without a catchy jingle or clever tagline, you’re already thinking about their product. 


Coyote & the Spurs

Okay maybe, I’m biased with this example as a San Antonio native (#GoSpursGo). But seriously if you ever saw the Coyote outside the Spurs Arena you’d recognize those green eyes and mischievous personality as Coyote!


Kernel Sanders & KFC

KFC has even transformed this cartoon graphic to a real-life actor for commercials.  


Gecko & GEICO

Who doesn’t want to save 5% or more on anything? This friendly lizard makes insurance simple and approachable.

Tony the Tiger and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

Who doesn’t love this G-R-REAT! Example? While they weren’t my favorite cereal growing up, I could appreciate Tony as a likable motivation tiger. 

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Mascots help you personify your brand, allowing your audience to connect with your business on a personal level.

Interested in bringing your brand to life? Let’s collab!

Let’s GROW Together in 2020 – digital marketing trends you should be using to grow your biz this year

Digital marketing trends you should be using to grow your biz this year.

The New Year is finally upon us, and as 2020 sets in, everyone is scrambling to put together their 2020 goals.

Usually, organizations take the time to set their growth goals for the new year, but few companies actually plan out the steps that need to be taken to achieve these goals. Whether it’s increasing revenue, expanding brand awareness, growing your team, or something else, we know your business is focused on making 2020 the best year yet.

As a way to ring in the New Year, Tribu has created a video series dedicated to helping you boost your digital marketing game to meet your 2020 goals.

Check out our first-ever video series, Grow 2020. Each video will be a quick, 3-minute video about a digital marketing trend your company should be exploring in 2020.

Check out this Video

Keep your eyes on our blog to see the next video – these tips will help take your business to the next level. If you’re interested in learning more information about how digital marketing can help you grow your business this year, let’s get connected.

Looking to grow in 2020? Let’s talk!

Sustainable Brands – Creating a Positive Impact for Your Business and the Planet

Every year climate change and protecting our planet becomes a more pressing issue in the news. Unexplainable natural disasters and increases in temperature variation have made protecting our plant a bigger priority for the everyday consumer. Many people have pointed the finger at businesses to take responsibility for the impact their supply chain has on the environment. Here are some examples of brands pioneering this positive change.  


Patagonia is one of the first brands I was introduced to that was environmentally conscious. Since the company’s inception, they have put the plant first. From their operation to their product, Patagonia is “in business to save our home planet.”


Earlier this year, Adidas announced their goal is to produce zero plastic waste by replacing the use of virgin polyester with entirely recycled polyester by 2024. Adidas’s innovation team also announced the design of Loop, a shoe made from 100% recyclable materials. 


H&M is actively working to integrate sustainability into its business. They created Conscious, a product line made from organic and sustainable materials. H&M also created a global garment collecting initiative. Customers can drop off their unwanted clothes and receive a 15% discount off their next purchase. These clothes are then recycled for a new life.

Adopting sustainable practices not only positively impacts the planet but also establishing your business as a pioneer of change. Making the investment to become environmentally and socially responsible will set your business apart from competitors and can help you win over new customers.

Do you have a project in mind? Let us help you bring it to life!