Tribu Wins at the 2019 American Advertising Awards

The American Advertising Awards, otherwise known as The ADDY’s, is always one of our favorite nights of the year. It’s the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting over 40,000 entries every year. It’s a brilliant opportunity for San Antonio’s marketing and advertising industry to come together and celebrate each other’s hard work.

This year’s event was held at the McNay Art Museum, and it was truly a wonderful evening. We were greeted by the most beautiful pink sunset, enjoyed dinner and drinks with our peers, and left with a total of 11 ADDY’s! Our wins are listed below:



  • Online/Interactive Campaign – San Antonio Celebrates 300 Years
  • SEED Logo – Half Moon Power Yoga


  • Integrated Brand Identity Campaign – Texas Folklife Festival 2018
  • Logo Design – Beer N’ All
  • Logo Design – San Antonio Auto Show


  • Logo Design – Texas Folklife Festival 2018
  • Consumer Website – Devils River Whiskey
  • Public Transit Ad (Truck Wraps) – Devils River Whiskey
  • Integrated Branded Content Campaign – Devils River Whiskey
  • Consumer Website – Beer’N’All
  • Integrated Brand Identity Campaign – Beer N’ All

We feel incredibly honored and grateful to have been awarded 11 ADDY’s, and we would like to give a special shoutout to our wonderful Tribe partners and friends who support and believe in us every day – we couldn’t have done it without you.

If you see an opportunity to partner up, be sure to reach out! Let’s win some ADDY’s in 2020!

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The 6 Step Process For Designing a Killer Logo

We are often called upon to design logos for a wide range of clients differing in brand, product, service and size. This time we had the honor of branding a unique client; an intellectual property attorney. So being the kind and awesome person I am; I decided to share with you our design process on this project.

Designing a logo:

Step 1

First we have a meeting with the client to get all the information we can about him, his business and his industry. Then we go deeper, conceptualizing his brand and how he would like it to be portrayed. For this, we use a design questionnaire with all kinds of obscure & crazy questions to help us get to know every detail we can possibly think of about the clients idea, brand, product or service. (The questionnaire itself is a whole other blog)

Step 2

We then get everything organized and come up with as many words associated with the data we collected from our meeting in a 10 minute session (cake). This helps get rid of bad ideas as well as find those gems in the early stages before we even start sketching.

Step 3

We take the new, condensed data and start designing visuals with sketches. Sketching it out is the best way to start the visual side of any project. So we sketch, sketch and sketch, sleep, sketch, freakout for a moment, and sketch some more. Once we have a some concepts we’re proud of and a great representation of the brand, we move forward in the process. This is when we draw out what the final logo options will look like in digital format without color. If your logo can’t stand alone in black and white then it’s not worth sh*t. (or not as powerful as it should be)


Step 4

So now we have our best logo options drawn out in some sort of “final” version with layout, font, and graphic. This is when we bring the idea into Illustrator. Now depending on the graphic you have, you might want to use the pen tool to trace it but if it’s something simple you could just use the drawings as reference. Every situation is different, so at this point it’s up to you to use your best design judgement on how the logo will be blasted into vector form.


Step 5

Now that everything is in vector format, we can add some color if needed. Usually I will stick to no more than 3 colors for a logo- 2 or even 1 will work in my opinion. But, that being said sometimes the client just can’t live without that pepto pink and we’ll have to bite the bullet and carry on. Once we have a great color palette for the various logos and have a few options to show the client, it’s time for the mock-ups.


Step 6

Throw it on any media platform relevant to their business. Business cards (obvious), signage, t-shirts, stationary, anything to give the client a visual of how their logo is going to look and feel in the real world (no harm done if you decide to mock all of them up). After your awesome presentation of the client’s kick ass new brand and their sheer delight and entertainment, head to the airport, because it’s time for coronas and beaches. Once you come back to reality, have a beer and repeat process. Life is sweet for graphic designers.


Designing killer logos is a passion of ours. What’s your passion?

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