Happy Font-a-Days: Five Fonts that are Perfect for Your Holiday Season Designs

As the holiday season descends upon us, it’s crucial to understand the importance of typography when it comes to our design and digital marketing efforts. While it may seem like stories and images are what most consumers focus on, typography can make a huge difference in your holiday campaigns.

Font styles are just one way you can connect with your consumer and picking the perfect font for your holiday campaign allows you to connect with your ideal consumer. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and many other holidays in full swing, using a festive-inspired font can help your campaigns make the nice list.

Check out five of the best graphic design type choices for designing jolly and effective marketing campaigns.

  1. Thirsty Soft

  2. Volkhov

  3. Desire

  4. Rochester

  5. Medula One

It may seem like a small piece of your campaign, but designing with beautiful and seasonally appropriate type will improve the look, feel, and aesthetic of your marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to draw on the consumer’s jolly emotions, use one of the fonts above.

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Happy Diwali! Niche Campaigns Brightening Up Your Feed

Happy Diwali from our Tribe to yours! Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights and signifies the triumph of light over dark, good overcoming evil. This holiday is not exclusively celebrated in India but by millions of diaspora around the world. 

While my family doesn’t do anything big for Diwali at home, I’ve grown up celebrating the holiday with my local desi community. A good celebration always included bringing out my newest Indian clothes, indulging in yummy sweets, playing with sparklers, and of course, a Bollywood dance party!

This year, I was especially excited to see brands like Toyota and Spotify creating content to highlight this cultural holiday. Both companies launched niche digital marketing campaigns that spoke directly to Desi-Americans. Let’s take a look!


Toyota collaborated with mommy-blogger, Ami Desai, to produce on-page content for both of their pages. Known for her beauty, lifestyle, and cultural content, Desai has a strong following of 83.2K. The content shows Desai and her entire family celebrating Diwali outside of their fully decked out home. Toyota’s Diwali activation fits into a larger campaign, #LetsGoPlaces. 


Spotify took another route to celebrate the holiday, utilizing targeted dark social content. Spotify curated Diwali Bash, a playlist filled with recent and classic Bollywood hits – perfect to kickoff any Diwali celebration. Spotify successfully targeted me and it worked, I’m listening to the playlist right now! 

Spotify and Toyota have larger audiences than just those celebrating Diwali but they prioritized this content to reach the Desi audience. Why? Inclusivity – when brands like these showcase different cultures on their platform it makes them more relatable. As a consumer, I was excited to see brands I know highlighting my culture on their platform.

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