Meet Droplr, the Tribe’s Newest Design Collaboration Tool

Screenshot like it’s 1999

Although embracing spontaneity and disorder is the root of my existence, anything to improve and simplify my mess of a workflow is welcomed. Insert Droplr.

Droplr is a tool we use internally here at Tribu, allowing us to collaborate and gather any feedback on projects we have going on. From jotting annotations to sharing screenshots on a whim, Droplr brings value through its various features – which we use, because why not.

Droplr Interface

I use the desktop app as my browser already has enough tabs open to leave me in dire straits. With it, I am able to quickly share concepts and ideas without getting bogged down in the process. Shortcuts paired with an easy-to-use interface delivers a seamless experience for myself and the Tribe.

Droplr Gif

Some ideas are graveyard material. Some are genius. Through collaboration, we reach that ‘ta-dah’ moment with every design.

Now I can’t boast any causative stats (as of yet) like my happiness has improved by 800% because of this or my lifetime has increased by 4 score and 7 years, but I can say this a great tool that does save time – which in turn increases efficiency. Case in point, Droplr is a simple app that makes our lives simpler. Check it out here.

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