Staying Original – How Netflix Continues to Innovate

Netflix has been known for disrupting its industry since its inception. Sorry, Blockbuster! But they also leverage creative marketing for continued growth of their business. Netflix marketing focuses on promoting their content rather than their service.

In 2013, Netflix launched its first original content series, House of Cards. After finding it to be successful, they’ve made numerous original series and movies, including the crime drama Narcos. Narcos was initially launched in 2015 and by popular demand was renewed for two more seasons. In 2018, instead of creating a fourth season, Netflix released a spin-off series called Narcos: Mexico.

To support the launch of the new show, Netflix created a short promotional video on their Indian YouTube channel. The video is a spoof of Narcos: Mexico centered around a group of friends making plans for a trip to Goa.

The video takes inspiration from the Netflix original, matching the dramatic, dark cinematic feel. The opening scene starts with a young Indian man watching Narcos: Mexico who asking his friend what the plans are for the weekend. The main character creates a group message to initiate plans. The group chat conversation is depicted as a serious round table discussion. When the Goa plans start to go awry, the characters even take direct advice from the show to convince their friends to go along with their plans. “Some people respond to numbers, some people respond to flattery”

As the second most populous country, there is a lot of opportunity for Netflix in India. However, Netflix has to compete with other more established competitors in the Indian streaming space like Hotstar, YouTube, and Amazon. To keep up, Netflix has started to create more original content in Indian languages and create unique promotional material like this spoof. The promo video for Narcos: Mexico appeals to Indian audiences with a cast of up-and-coming actors, recognizable to viewers.

Netflix is successful because they consistently keep their audience top of mind when creating viewable content for their platform to new marketing promotions. When creating content it’s important to always keep the audience as the focus of your efforts.

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How to Get Over Your Last Agency Break Up

Break-ups with significant others, friends, or in this case, your ad agency can be rough. You build relationships, share your hopes and dreams for your company and in the end, it doesn’t work out.

Now, wipe your tears and bust out the tub of ice cream. I’m giving you the steps to getting over your last agency break up!

Step 1: Assess the relationship
This is your chance to reflect and really take a closer look at how your agency relationship was overall. What were the problems? How was the communication? Were they providing the results you wanted? What were the successes?

Step 2: Discuss with your team
Take this time to talk to your team and align what your digital marketing needs are. What are the KPI’s(key performance indicators) that will best measure your company’s growth and success? Did your last digital marketing agency strategize alongside you to help identify new KPI’s as your business grew? Have your company’s goals changed since your last agency? This is your chance to really explore your needs and not hold back on what you believe is important.

Step 3: In-House Marketer v. Digital Agency
Digital marketing is an important piece of your business so the show must go on. You’ve already reviewed your recent experience with your last agency and aligned your marketing goals for your company. Now, it’s time to decide if you should staff up and go in-house for your marketing needs or start shopping for a brand-spanking new digital agency. Get back out there!

Step 4: Getting Back Out There
Once you’ve made the decision to give another agency a chance, start your search! The first agency you find may not be the one and that’s okay! Keep your options open, have an open mind and stay true to your company’s goals and what you are really looking for in a partner. Put yourself out there, and talk about your past relationships, it only helps your new relationships grow stronger. Here at Tribu, we pride ourselves on creating tribes that inspire people. We love creating relationships just as much as we love creating results. We love working with businesses small and larger

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6 Reasons to Work with an Agency with Young Professionals

Tribu is a young company. It’s why many people chose to work with us. We’re progressive, forward-thinking, and innovative – always looking for creative ways to solve problems and help clients reach their goals. Maybe you’re considering working with an agency, here are 6 benefits to working with a young agency like ours…

We’re experts on millennials
Let’s be honest, our generation is the future. In some cases some of them are already leading the charge (*cough Mark Zuckerberg cough*). We know what they like and what they’re working towards. We know how to market to them because it makes sense to us. We’re millennials too and we’re not going anywhere.

We’re agile and nimble
From a team of two working out of a plastic manufacturing plant, to our current tribe of 14 young professionals with all kinds of backgrounds and stories, we’ve learned to be flexible and make things work. We’ve hustled and worked efficiently to grow and pivot with the changing digital marketing landscape and of course, our clients’ needs.

We have the energy to work hard and get sh*t done
We know we’re in our prime and we’re going to take advantage of it! We aren’t afraid of hard work and putting in those hours to help our clients see success. Every. Single. Time.

Tribu San Antonio Texas digital marketing advertising graphic design content strategy social media agency firm historic home downtown The Pearl 801 Quincy St the tribe home red

We’re always willing to try new things
Sometimes the best ideas are the craziest. The digital age is constantly evolving and we are committed to doing research and tracking trends to find out what crazy new idea might be taking shape. We love sharing new ideas with the people we work with and seeing what innovative ideas take off.

We’re eager to learn and grow
Many of our careers started in marketing and we haven’t looked back since, but we know we’ve still got room to learn and grow and we’re always checking ourselves to stay humble. We never want to stop growing as individuals and as a tribe.

We’re optimistic about the future
The future is bright and the possibilities for engaging audiences and making waves are endless. We’re optimistic about partnering with you to explore those new opportunities and it’s our positive vibes and digital and design expertise that are going to carry us through to those winning results!

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Logo v. Brand: What’s the Difference?

Creating logos and brands are very common (and one of my favorite) projects we work on here at Tribu. Many people believe that a logo is the brand and vice versa, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a seat while I drop some branding knowledge on you!

What is a logo?

Everyone knows what a logo is. But, for those of you who aren’t entirely sure, a logo is a shape or symbol that a business uses to represent themselves. Iconic logos include: the Nike swoosh, the Apple apple and the Starbucks mermaid. While a logo is simply a mark, a brand is more complex and includes every single touch-point a customer has with a business.

What is a brand?

As a business owner, your customers doesn’t experience your brand in the form of a logo. They experience your brand through your website, your billboard, your product packaging or your social media. It’s important that your design agency partner understands that your logo is just one small part of a large collection of graphic pieces. A “brand” is the all-encompassing way you make a customer feel. What do they think of when they think of you?

At Tribu, we pride ourselves on creating stellar brands that consumers will want to experience for themselves. Good branding and marketing will give your customers a familiar feeling. When they see your logo, it will make them remember all the experiences they’ve had with your brand. Think you may need some help with your branding or logo?  Let’s chat!



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Long Distance Partnerships

Tribu rocks long distance partnerships, we say this humbly of course.

 Many think that in order for a partnership with a digital agency to be effective, their agency must be right down the street. While there is merit to the idea that human interaction and in-person meetings are needed to secure a healthy business relationship, [and we do have our fair share of awesome clients nearby] we are a digital agency in a digital world. We have the ability to build real human connections from anywhere with wifi.


How Long Distance Partnerships Work at Tribu

The Tribe can be in your board room with you live and in color, just hundreds of miles away and possibly a timezone or two apart. While partnering with Tribu your main point of contact is always just a phone call or email away. When it comes to meeting deadlines, timezone differences are taken into account and adjusted for. We give each partner our highest level of attention and respect, no matter what their zip code.


We are also not afraid to travel. It can be a little sad to think about building a great digital partnership without ever shaking hands or exchanging hugs, whatever you’re into, but that’s what planes are for. Our Tribe is happy to travel and we’ve also been told we’re pretty great hosts. San Antonio has something for everyone and we’re happy to show your team around.


Genuine award-winning talent can be hard to find and we believe that there’s no reason talent cannot translate just as powerfully across city and state lines. We’re proud to say that our long distance partners feel the same.


“We love working with the Tribe! For me, I really appreciate the Tribu team’s level of responsiveness and accessibility. Our design needs seem—at least to us—to get complicated at times, and you want your partners to be easy to access in case of any questions or concerns or sudden ideas. But beyond that, I think that the Tribu team has an exceptional ability to bring together our needs, our goals, and our audience, and bring it all to life. And at the end of the day, that’s our number one need in an agency partner. The distance, the time—these things take care of themselves if the partner is laser-focused on their clients, and Tribu is.”

– City of Bellevue Office of Economic Development | 2,355 Miles Away

Are you ready for a long distance partnership? The nerves are normal, but after a little time with us you’ll be an advocate for long distance partnerships.  

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How HBO’s Westworld Can Make Us Better Digital Marketers

Unless you live in a cave with your hands permanently glued to your ears, you’ve probably heard of HBO’s new breakout TV series Westworld. The show is an exciting viewing experience and its story delivers a truly riveting experience.

What better example of storytelling can a digital marketer draw from to connect with an audience?

For those of you unfamiliar with Westworld, here’s a brief synopsis (no major spoilers ahead, I promise!) If you already watch the show, feel free to skip.


The show follows the experiences of visitors in a futuristic, Wild West-themed amusement park, from which the show gets its name. The park is essentially a giant landscape populated by android “hosts,” programmed to lead the guests on adventures throughout the park.

The hosts, however, have no idea the park is only a fantasy, and are programmed to ignore any references to the reality outside of their world. Every day, they wake up to the same stories and new visitors, thinking it’s a brand new day in their reality.
Westworld is experiencing some unrest – as the androids become more and more human, they may actually cross the line into humanity.

This ambivalence and the question of what is and is not reality, and what is and is not humanity, is at the crux of the dilemma for the television audience.

Read on to see how the mind of a content strategist ticks when processing the immersive sci-fi experience that is Westworld.


Don’t Feed Your Audience a Narrative – Immerse Them in a Story

The best advertising isn’t advertising at all – it’s storytelling. If you want your audience to develop an emotional attachment to the product or service you’re offering, you have to immerse them in a story. If you’re simply telling them what you want them to hear, they can choose to exit the narrative at any time.

In Westworld, the beauty of the story is that the visitors to the park believe they are living in it. While you may not have an entire fictional world to give your audience, you can do your best to give them a great story that addresses some part of who they are.

In the first episode, visitors to the park are addressed by a man looking for volunteers to chase down an outlaw who’s been terrorizing the city: “You there!” he calls to men as they walk by, “You look like just the man for the job.” The visitors are free to engage in the adventure or to walk by and pursue the next one.

A good inbound marketing funnel does the same thing. We draw a visitor into becoming a potential lead, letting them continue down the funnel until they find the opportunity that speaks to them. This is how you convert a lead into a potential client, by letting them live the story rather than forcing them into your own inflexible narrative.


Technology is Most Effective When it’s Invisible

The latest and greatest in marketing technology means nothing to your audience unless it’s providing them with value. What your audience gains from interacting with any design or technology should be so great that they don’t think about the device used to deliver it.

In other words – your marketing should get out of its own way, and deliver an effective message.

The hosts of Westworld are a great example. They offer park visitors everything they want from their experience, without stopping to say, “aren’t I an amazing creation?”

Your marketing efforts should do the same. Make sure to take a step back, and ensure that your process is best for the consumer, not for you. Don’t pursue technology because it’s flashy and new. Use it because it’s functional.


Blur the Lines Between Marketing and Reality

Westworld goes beyond television to bring its experience to viewers. Their marketing team has unsettled viewers just enough to make them wonder, “how close is this to reality?”

Two weeks ago, Westworld’s social media team tweeted that there had been a “glitch” in the system, and that episode 2 was available for viewing early. This was a great opportunity to offer value to Westworld fans, while furthering the narrative of the show.

A quick visit to the Westworld website suggests even more of technology slowly growing out of control – you can visit the site and explore the map of Westworld, even signing up to book your stay.

After a view minutes on the site, however, the screen glitches and breaks down into a series of bizarre screen malfunctions and a recording that repeats: “Hell is empty. All the devils are here.”

It’s unsettling, to say the least. For a second, you forget that this website can’t actually take you into Westworld. Good digital marketing should use all the tools at hand to break that fourth wall, and make an audience unsteady on their feet, in an exciting, memorable way.


Never Forget the People on Either Side of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

At Tribu, we believe in something called the human connection. Our actions grow out of data and careful research, but we never want to be so entrenched in the numbers and results that we forget the real people behind our marketing efforts.

This seems to be Westworld’s fatal flaw – they’ve forgotten the “people” inside the hosts of the park. The more human the hosts become, the more the creators of Westworld struggle to bring them back into the world of computers and numbers.

As the creators struggle to dehumanize the hosts, the visitors seem to become less human and more monstrous, committing increasingly violent and despicable acts against the hosts.

Your customers will also act out if you don’t make their human needs and wants your priority. They’ll remove themselves from your marketing efforts and find someone else who addresses their needs.

Remember Anthony Hopkin’s iconic quote in episode two: “They already know who they are. They’re here because they want to know who they could be.” Excellent digital marketing should show your audience potential – how their lives could be better, easier and more enjoyable because of what you’re offering.

Ready to venture into the wild, wild west of digital marketing? Reach out to Tribu, and see what new worlds we can show your customers.

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