Be a Revolutionary for the Sake of Marketing

Earlier today I shared some of my favorite marketing wisdom with our Tribe at our weekly Explorer meeting. I think it’s worth sharing with everyone. Don’t take this for granted….these ideas/strategies/insights are nothing short of absolutely brilliant.

Here goes….

1] Think at the crossroads of disciplines to discover breakthrough ideas where different worlds collide.
2] Think differently about thinking differently – experiment (!)
3] Use intuition, imagination, inspiration, and ideation to think the unthinkable.
4] Create new alternatives and perspectives.
5] Use forward looking thinking to define and communicate a compelling vision as part of entrepreneurial leadership.
6] Develop a balance between science and art, logic and imagination, using “whole-brain thinking”.
7] Think holistically by approaching marketing as a system with various ecosystems.
8] Think in 4D – beyond the limitations of the three dimensions inside and outside the box.
9] Solve problems in novel ways using pictures as part of kaleidoscopic thinking.
10] Use the mind’s eye, myths, memories, mystery, and magic to think metaphorically (this is why I’ve included the National Jewish Health dance ad….it’s a metaphor that believe strongly communicates & positions the National Jewish Health name. Genius creativity!)
11] Think in reverse by reversing assumptions about cause and effect to remove obstacles.
12] Think “leapfrog” to develop creative leverage that overcomes inertia
13] Use unconventional wisdom to develop a whole new mindset that channels thinking and action
14] Be a revolutionary for the sake of marketing – embrace ambiguity, paradox, and uncertainty to learn adaptively by thinking with tenacity
CREDIT: Schindehutte, M., Morris, M. H., & Pitt, L. F. (2009). Rethinking marketing: the entrepreneurial imperative. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall.
…and a BIG thanks to Dr. Byus, the amazing person who shared this insight with me.

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