Does email marketing work? – Grow 2020

Welcome back! We’re already a few days into 2020, so here’s the second Grow 2020 video for you.

99% of consumers check their email every day. That’s right. Every. Single. Day. In fact, 50% of US respondents check their email more than 10 times a day. Mind-boggling, right?

If these statistics don’t inspire you to start utilizing email marketing, I don’t know what will. Are you using email marketing to grow your company’s customer base? If you aren’t…why not?

In today’s Grow 2020, I’ll talk about how email marketing can help you ramp up sales for your business.


If you missed the last video, you can check it out here. If you’re interested in learning more information about how digital marketing can help you grow your business this year, let’s get connected. Tribu would love to help your company meet (and exceed) all of your 2020 goals. Make sure you keep checking out our blog to see the next video.

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Email Marketing Trends in 2016

Digital marketing is a notoriously fickle field. But in this ever-changing minefield of an industry, email marketing has held strong. It’s consistently effective in converting leads and can be a content marketer’s most valuable asset. What can you do to up your email marketing game? So far in 2016, these trends have held their ground and should continue to do so.

You’re reading this on your phone, and so is your audience.

Two-thirds of all email is now read on mobile devices. If you’re not optimized for mobile and using responsive design, you need get on that, like, yesterday. But optimizing for mobile shouldn’t limit you- screens are getting bigger and better suited for valuable content like video and animation. See creating content for mobile as an opportunity to be creative and innovative with your email campaign. What more could you want than an audience that will probably get your content immediately, right in their pocket, no matter where they are?

This .gif from a recent email blast for a Tribu client is not only unique, engaging and to the point- it’s optimized for mobile!


Targeting and Segmentation are more important than ever.

The “batch and blast” email of the past is dead. More than ever, consumers are seeking out personalized information that values them and their experiences. This goes double for millennial and generation Z audiences, who crave authentic communication geared toward them and their specific interests. Automation is a valuable tool, but it loses its efficacy when you’re inundating your audience with information they don’t want or need. Doing research about what motivates your consumer and speaking to that motivation will help you target them appropriately and make an authentic impact with your email. You can accomplish this by…

Tracking what works and what doesn’t, and acting accordingly.

All of the beautiful design and creative copy in the world won’t get open or clicked if it’s not going to right audiences at the right time. Campaigns must be data-driven. Tracking how your campaigns are received and developing that information for future campaigns must be at the heart of your email marketing strategy. In many ways, email marketing is a science that comes down to experimentation and implementation. A systematic approach will incorporate analytical findings and creative vision in equal measure. At Tribu, we call this “creat-alytical” thinking, and it drives the work that we do.


Social media and email will become increasingly entwined

One of the best ways to give users a feeling of involvement in your brand is to simply involve them. The easiest way to do this is social media- giving your audience their own voice in your marketing. While including links to social media accounts is now standard in virtually any email campaign, consider making them front and center. Including a real-time portal to your social media accounts and what people are saying about your brand is a brave and authentic way of sharing your consumer’s feedback. It can also contribute to lead generation via social media- people will sign up for an email list that includes their thoughts as a consumer.

Think long and hard about your subject lines.

More than 205 billion emails are sent and received every. Single. Day. Your email needs to stand out right away, and the subject line is the first impression. Today’s audiences are wary of anything that smells like a sales attempt. Consider the tried and true subject line: “20% off coupon inside!” You have to consider that they probably receive that exact subject line multiple times a day and the value it offers no longer feels urgent. If five different retail outlets offer me 20% off for Labor Day, I don’t feel the need to buy from any of them. My next offer is just one email away! A subject line needs to be a little weird, but it can’t strike me as click bait or a sales offer. One bold strategy: Hubspot cites a study of over six million emails that found subject lines with no subject line at all were actually opened 8% more often than those with a subject line. Maybe the best way to stand out in a subject line is to play hard to get and make your consumer click for content.


Email marketing is a key part of inbound strategy, and we make it our business to do it well.  Find more examples of our excellent email strategy here and here. For all of your digital marketing needs, Tribu’s got your back. Let our cutting-edge solutions be your organization’s success.

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Gone Fishin’: Ways To Reel In Your Audience

As a society, we have long joked about the goldfish and its embarrassing attention span. Do you remember watching your pet fish, Bubbles or Nemo or Jaws, in his bowl, eyes jutting from behind your tapping finger? He would swim to the bottom of his glass enclosure and hide behind that sunken pirate ship. You would pity his tiny brain and inability to retain information, but for no more is the gold fish the butt of our jokes.

Recent studies now show that you (and your fellow 21st century citizens) have a shorter attention span than your pet fish.

Throw the once finite number of 12 seconds of coherent thought out the window. Amongst today’s ever stimulating world, most people now lose focus after merely 8 seconds of attention. Doesn’t sound so bad? Goldfish can hold attention for 9 seconds.

Take that in for a second. We’ve been so busy interacting with multiple screens, multiple windows and balancing additional conversations on top of Spotify playlists that we’ve allowed the goldfish to surpass us. It doesn’t look like things will take a turn for the better any time soon, either. With that realization comes challenges for digital marketers and designers alike:

How do you break through the clutter and hold the ever-fleeting attention of your target audience?

Digital Marketing Is A Highway 

Imagine you’re driving down the highway (likely going 70+ if you’re in Texas). Cars are speeding along with you on either side, maybe your kids are in the back incessantly kicking your seat, the radio announces a new Lady Gaga song (what is this, 2013?) and you see a fluffy poodle, tongue waving in the breeze, rolling alongside you with its head hung happily out the window.


The scene you just experienced is no different from today’s digital landscape. Even Facebook, which optimizes its platform based on user experience, can’t stop its users from zooming down their timelines hoping something catches their attention. If our digital networks and platforms are going to act like highways, let’s treat them like one.

Treat your digital ad like you would a billboard. Follow the following principles and you’ll get your messaging across in a memorable way, regardless of those 3 seconds you’ve captured.

  • Try to keep messaging between 3-8 words
  • Make copy skimmable and easy to digest
  • Utilize impactful, to-the-point imagery
  • Create a clear CTA (Call To Action) and navigation
  • Tell stories, pull heart strings
  • Utilize video no longer than 1:30, making the first 8 seconds attention-grabbing
  • Use social platforms that align with your target demographic – Twitter, Periscope and Snapchat tend to have younger audiences because of their fast, fleeting updates. Facebook and Instagram are fairly all encompassing of all ages. LinkedIn skews older.
  • Optimize for all screens – design specific dimensions and tailor your ads per platform

According to Hubspot (a favorite source of us digital marketers), “The average user picks up their phone more than 1,500 times a week.” During work, during dinner, during their favorite shows and even during conversations with their loved ones. If users today can’t even listen to those they care for most without being distracted, how can we get them to view our messages intently? Hubspot experts also noted that on the average web page, a typical user will only read 28% of words during their visit with average page visits spanning only 10-20 seconds.

The best way to combat our decreasing attention spans is to just keep swimming. Design for your audience and make content that is interesting and innovative. Despite our goldfish-like tendencies, people will focus when something catches their attention. The job is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers across the globe, but following these tips can give you an edge over the competition.

Digital marketing is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. If it is hard for you to keep up, we understand. Don’t struggle through, just let us do it.

Tribu specializes in goldfish nurturing.

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Baby, You Can Give Me a Call to Action Anytime

Inbound and Valentine’s go together like landing pages and CTAs… like email automation and segmentation… like Twitter and bitly… like blogging and social sharing…

(The best things come in pairs.)

Tribu is bringing the romantic realness with a few marketing Valentine’s Day .JPGs. Sized and formatted for social media sharing, because duh, these graphics are for that special loved one in your life who obsesses over web traffic and likes to look at impression statistics.

Inbound Valentine .JPGs

Keywords, tags, alt text…


Because overtime is inevitable…


You are just so World Wide Wonderful…


Not to worry – we would never unsubscribe…


We don’t take Valentine’s Day too seriously, but we are not playing when it comes to inbound marketing. Looking to make the most out of your marketing efforts? Let the Tribe get to work with your organization.

Effective, innovative and creative solutions are our specialty.

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