New Contenders in the Digital Drawing Battle

Knowing when to draw

As a designer, I get caught up on working on our computers, it is hard to remember that some projects require more drawing and illustration to be successful and captivating to its audience. My go-to tool for drawing is always pencil and paper but I also love drawing on my iPad. The iPad is a great tool for graphic illustration. The only drawback is the software and applications that are available. Some are very limited in their drawing features but, some shine above the rest.

What is the best?

In my opinion, the best drawing app to use for digital illustration is Procreate. It has all of the features that photoshop dose. It has the best interface for touch. It is very intuitive and the learning curve isn’t steep. The only fall back is that Procreate doesn’t feature vector drawing. This is where Adobe Illustrator for the iPad shines the best but, it comes nowhere close to Procreate.

Currently, Adobe illustrator for the iPad is just average. It has a funky interface for drawing perfectly straight lines and the color switching is almost nonexistent. Touch gestures are not as intuitive as in Procreate. For example, Procreate allows a two-finger double click to undo. Illustrator has only a tiny button up in the corner. The developers made it without taking the touch interface into account but there is hope in the near future.

What is next on the horizon?

At Adobe MAX 2019, Adobe did a 10 minute demo of the Adobe illustrator iPad app. I’m very excited for Adobe’s new and improved illustrator for iPad. It is almost an entirely new application. It even solves some of the desktop application annoyances. It allows you to easily draw without having to dive deep into panels, making creating graphics for your marketing campaign that much smoother and faster. I’m always looking for new ways to create. I highly recommend watching all of the new features in their demo.