Did you see that?! Pro tips to maximize your Billboard impact

Is it a bird?! No.

Is it a plane?! No. 

It’s a billboard! A great one. 

Do you ever find yourself driving up the highway and stopping to glance at a billboard for a few seconds? Sometimes you might find them irrelevant, but there are many times when the billboard is SO good that you can’t stop thinking about it. That is exactly what the goal of every billboard should be. 

As creators of stellar graphic design (you can check some of our work here) we often find ourselves surprised at the clever, yet genius, billboards out there. Although individuals are exposed to hundreds of billboards every year, there are a few tips that will definitely help you maximize your billboard’s impact. 

Readability is crucial

One of the most important aspects of a billboard is making it easy to read. The phrase “short and sweet” applies perfectly to this scenario, since these massive signs will just be observed for a couple of seconds. As a designer, you want to create a billboard that is able to capture someone’s attention and reach its initial goal in a couple of quick phrases. On average, the number of words that should be on a great billboard and can be easily read on around 10 seconds is around six words or less

Similarly, you must stick to fonts and designs that are easy to read and understand from a distance. Although new fancy and artsy fonts are created every day, you should be inclined to stick to fonts that are aesthetically nice but are still simple and legible. 

You should ALWAYS remember that you want it to be easy to read since your audience are mostly going to be drivers. Grabbing attention is the main goal, but there should always be in a manner that avoids long distractions that can become a driving hazard. 

Images and Colors are KEY.

Just like picking an ideal font for your billboard’s text, you should also rely on high-resolution images. Your photos and graphics should be understandable from a distance away, and having blurry images is a definite no. 

At the same time, colors play a big part in the success of your billboard. Having a color palette for your design or campaign creates a more appealing look that helps convey your message. Choosing bold colors that are readable from a distance is the best way to go, most of the time relying on neutral colors such as black, white, blue and red. 

Make it clever! Be original.

Being original is definitely a given. People find themselves looking at thousands of different ads and billboards every year. Most of the time, these are easily forgotten, but having a memorable billboard will be effective in the long-run. 

When creating a billboard, you want the message to be conveyed while still being entertaining and sparking interest in your viewer. By having a unique premise, many times including cool visuals or the use of humor, your business will quickly get noticed and stick to the back of the person’s mind. 

Nowadays we even have the option to incorporate moving parts, animations, 3D images and  pop-ups into our billboards. By thinking outside the box and being original, you avoid being classified as “just another billboard” and can actually generate reactions from your audience. 

Make it Local 

As Texans, we LOVE local southern flavor in anything around us. However, this also applies to any other city or area. If the billboard design you are creating is tailored to a particular audience or location you might as well incorporate local characteristics and likings into your design. 

You want to make your billboard memorable, make it stick. By personalizing your content to something your audience is already familiar with, you will be able to quickly get their attention and want them to find out more. 

Build brand awareness!

The ultimate goal of ANY billboard is always to have viewers seek more information about your business or message. Whether it is a phone number, website, or simply a name that they can Google, your audience should know where to go if they want to find out more. This helps build awareness and aims to get more attention directed towards your brand. 

By having a memorable billboard that viewers want to take action on, you’re raising brand awareness and having your business noticed. Similarly, an important goal is to get brand recall, that is getting viewers to associate your brand with what your main purpose is. Having consistent advertisements and billboards helps generate brand recall and without a doubt, your audience will know who your brand is by simply glancing at the billboard for a few seconds. 

A great example is our beloved Texas staple, Buc-ee’s. With their short, yet clever billboards they always reach their goal of generating brand awareness and having drivers stop at their locations. Their logo and color palette have become so well-known, that by simply glancing at their billboard viewer’s eyes are immediately directed towards the number of miles left to make a Buc-ee’s stop. 

Although we’ve become so accustomed to seeing advertisements on social media, billboards are still extremely effective. These are just some ways in which you can maximize your billboard’s impact and reach your campaign’s end goal to the fullest. Correspondingly, the examples shared above are just a few of the numerous fantastic billboards out there.

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Amazon Advertising – Taking Advantage of Where the Shopper Is

Amazon has grown to become one of the biggest online retailers. Companies are now able to sell directly to Amazon, cutting out middlemen you might have to deal with when going a more traditional route and increasing ROI. 

Amazon’s use of its search feature is similar to that of search engines. Amazon’s advantage, however, is that they shorten the customer’s buying timeline. Rather than browsing multiple sites, customers go directly to Amazon when they are looking for a new product. Not to mention if you have Prime, completing your shipping and billing is just a few buttons away. 

What Can I Do With Amazon Advertising?

Amazon’s self-managed options function similarly to other search ad platforms. With Amazon, you have a few options on how to display your ads.

  • Sponsored Products: 
    • Sponsored products appear in the search results, helping bump your product listings to the top of the search results for general queries. 
  • Sponsored Brands:
    • Sponsored Brands take up more space on the search result page allowing you to include your logo for brand awareness and customize a headline to appear along with your products. 
  • Display and Video:
    • With Amazon’s offerings expanding offline through Alexa and the Fire Stick, they’ve opened new options for advertising as well. Using display or video, brands can showcase more of who they are by creating captivating graphics that can be shown on Amazon’s display network. 

Is It Right For Your Business?

  • Consider your inventory: Are your products sold in bulk? Do you have the inventory ready for restocks?
  • Consider your revenue stream: What percentage of Amazon sales contribute to your gross revenue? Is another one of your sales channels more profitable?
  • Consider your budget: Like most digital PPC campaigns, it takes some testing to figure out your sweet spot. Amazon recommends starting budgets anywhere between $10-50/day for initial testing. 

Not quite ready to make an investment on the platform? You may want to consider the Amazon Store Pages. Amazon also offers sellers and vendors an option to create their own multi-page store on Amazon for free, allowing you to promote your brand and products. Amazon allows creators to have a little more flexibility in your creativity and show off your brand.

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Why companies are leveraging Bachelor-franchise ‘influencers’ for their brands

Even if you aren’t a fan of ABCs long-running franchise, chances are you’re aware of the show and even a few of the contestants who have been part of it.

Bachelor ‘graduates’ are being asked to promote a variety of products across different social platforms. As the show rises in popularity each season, ex-contestants have become prime targets for influencer marketing. Whether it’s via an Instagram post, talked about in a YouTube video, or snuck into a podcast, contestants are promoting products ranging from weighted blankets to french fries.

Massive companies such as McDonalds, Reebok, Capital One and Estée Lauder have tapped into the Bachelor sphere to promote a wide variety of products and services. Halo Top, a popular low-calorie ice cream, partnered with the Bachelor franchise by running a national television commercial during the 2019 season finale. ABC also used product placement and had stars eat the ice cream throughout several different episodes.

The campaign didn’t stop there. Halo Top and Nick Viall, the star of the 21st season, also partnered for an Instagram post.

Halo top social media by Jason Tartick Social media, Tribu Insights

Smaller lifestyle brands have also tapped into the niche. FabFitFun, Love Comfitude, and TruSelf Organics are just a few up-and-coming brands who have leveraged influencer partnerships to expand their reach. By using a combination of personal stories, coupon codes, and candid photos, contestants are able to advertise almost anything.

Jason Tartick Social media, Tribu Insights

So – why are so many brands utilizing franchise favorites to leverage their brands?


Celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kim Kardashian, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson lack the authenticity that many Bachelor contestants bring to the table. Unlike traditional celebrities, Bachelor & Bachelorette stars exemplify attainable, personable lifestyles that appeal to wider audiences. Former contestants also tend to have higher engagement rates than the average influencer, according to Launchmetrics, a data analytics company. 

The reality stars are also more accessible than big-time celebrities. Due to their lack of super-stardom, past contestants are able to launch their own blogs, podcasts, and other brand collaborations. Joelle Fletcher, season 12s Bachelorette, is one of the most popular women from the franchise. Not only does Fletcher partner with brands for sponsored Instagram posts, but she has also launched her own clothing line, created a mini-web series, and has a new show airing on CNBC.

cash pad, Series premiere, Tribu insights

Whether you choose to ‘accept this rose’ or not, former contestants are currently dominating the influencer world.

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The Best Social Platforms For Your Business & How To Measure Them

When investing in marketing, it’s important to measure the return on investment on efforts to see what is working and not working to help grow your business. Social media can be a wonderful marketing tool to help you do this because it is extremely measurable, editable and scalable over time. 

When entering the world of social media, it is important to first pick the correct platforms to use to find your audience. Then, you need to identify and understand the best key performance indicator (KPI) metrics to track based on your overall goals to see if a platform is bringing you the results you want. 

Platform Overview with Associated Metrics


Definitely a good starting point when entering the social media space for the first time. Facebook has the most robust advertising targeting (AKA: you can find out very creepy things about your audience quickly), and it also controls advertising on Instagram through Facebook Ads Manager. KPIs to consider:

  • Cost Per Result (Cost per engagement, cost per conversion, cost per click, etc.) Super important when figuring out how much budget you need to make an impact
  • Impressions and Reach – how many people are seeing your content or ads?
  • Engagements – Likes, comments, shares, clicks and more on content or ads. The “am I providing any value to my audience” metric.
  • Leads/Conversions – New customers, email list subscribers, ticket purchasers, etc. These are people who directly converted from ads on social media
  • Follower Growth – Good to track as a means to an end. Page growth proves interest in your business or services over time. 


Perfect platform for lively news and updates, engaging in a deeper and ongoing conversation around certain niche topics, events, trade shows, etc. More posts per day are preferred. KPIs to consider:

  • Engagement Rate – Percentage of people who engage with your tweets
  • Number and Types of Engagements
  • Average Tweet Performance – On average, how are your trending over a time period compared to another time period?
  • Impressions and Clicks – How many people are seeing your content or ads and are they clicking on them?
  • Follower Growth 


Extremely focused on visuals! A great fit for brands with strong photography, retail, restaurants and bars, beauty, B2C and more. Connected to Facebook for advertising, so very easy to use with strong audience targeting available. You can also use the Insights tab to see high-level data on your audience and more. KPIs to consider:

  • Engagement Rate  
  • Number and Type of Engagements  
  • Impressions and Reach
  • Cost Per Result
  • Website Visitors
  • Leads/Conversions
  • Follower Growth 


More geared toward that younger Gen Z crowd. Ages 15 – 18 is about right for your audience reach. You can do snaps, stories, customized geo-filters and more as paid options based on your goals. KPIs to consider:

  • Impressions
  • Video Views
  • Quartiles & Completions – The number of Snaps watched for a certain percentage of time duration or watched all the way through (25%, 50%, 75% or 97% or above) 
  •  Cost Per Result
  • Conversion Metrics – Purchases, Add-To-Carts, Signups and more
  • Account Growth


Most referred to as a professional B2B tool. Through the advertising platform, advertisers can target by job title, company name, seniority, industry and more. Similarly to Facebook, you can find out very detailed information on your audiences to build strong ads that can lead to conversions. KPIs to consider:

  • Cost Per Result
  • Conversions/Leads
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Engagements
  • Follower Growth

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Is Instagram the New Google for Products & Services?

I’ve started planning my wedding. Yay! Which means I’ve been intensely researching venues, vendors, dresses and more. But, what I’ve noticed recently is that I’ve been doing the majority of my search on Instagram, not even visiting the websites of these people and places. 

As a marketer, it caught my interest. How many other people are doing research this way? How influential is Instagram in decision-making – not just in the wedding industry but in retail, e-commerce, etc.? Is Instagram the New Google for these products & services?

Fact: 60% of users (that’s 600+ million people) seek out and discover new products on Instagram

Fact:  Eight of the top 15 most followed brands on Instagram are in the business of retail.

Instagram is playing a whole new role in how we find brands. Content appears in real-time, giving users the most recent information on a brand or product to make better decisions. We like that! Hashtags also allow you to find specific content quickly, and searching by location can find places near you. Instagram is also just an amazing place for inspo and ideas. That’s genius for the wedding industry and beyond!

Another part of Instagram is its visual context. The platform gives us an idea of the life we’d live if we could have certain things – another word for it is FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Seeing a product or idea in the context of a real-life setting helps us picture it in our lives. User-generated content (UGC) also adds a deeper layer to this – making us really want products or services for ourselves that other people have. That venue, that dress, etc….

Search on Instagram generates a huge amount of brand visibility and eventually trust. Here are a couple of tools you can use to make sure your Instagram is bride-worthy:

  • Hashtags – Help curate content into streams that are easily searchable
  • Stories – You can use the swipe up feature to send users to specific destinations
  • Saved Photos – Strong photography is key here, so people will want to save down your images into folders they can reference later. The “Pinterest Effect” as I like to call it.
  • Personality – People want to work with cool people who match their style. Show some personality and your values on Instagram too.
  • Tagging  – Tag vendors, partners, media, influencers, etc., so your content can then show up on their profile, as well as lends credibility back to you.
  • Location Check-Ins – Helps people find you who are searching for your services around your location

Instagram has been amazing for my wedding planning research! I found my dream venue there first! This idea could work for your brand too. Reach out to Tribu to make your Instagram totally bride-worthy.

Marketing Inspiration: 4 Examples of Eye-Catching Content

As a content strategist, I’m always on the lookout for creative inspiration. Whether I’m scrolling down my Instagram feed, reading through my emails, or driving past billboards on the highway I’m always observing digital and traditional advertisements to see what really catches my attention, so I can use it as inspiration when creating content for our tribe partners.

Here are a few pieces of creative and visually appealing content that caught my eye recently. They include prominent calls-to-action, matching emojis, brightly colored graphics and are just beautifully designed overall.

Starbucks Instagram Advertisement

Poosh x Vital Proteins Marketing Email

Homesick Instagram Advertisement

Are You Am I Marketing Email

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Oreo x Wiz Khalifa: Playful 4 Life Digital Campaign

Oreo x Wiz Khalifa: Playful 4 Life Digital Campaign

New industry, another epic partnership.


Owned by Nabisco, this cookie company is known for its chocolate cookie sandwich with sweet creme filling. Since its inception in 1912, Oreo has become the bestselling cookie in the United States.

Wiz Khalifa
American born Rapper, Wiz Khalifa is best known for his hits like “Black and Yellow”, “Work Hard, Play Hard”, and “See You Again”.


The Playful 4 Life Campaign
In early 2019, Oreo launched an integrated campaign across their broadcast, digital, and social advertising channels featuring Wiz Khalifa and his 6-year-old son, Sebastian. The advertisements show Khalifa and his son interacting in the home. Execution of the project included the production of a cookie-themed song, homepage integration, and broadcast commercial.

What About The Campaign Works?

Play Into Your Current Audience – While all of Oreo’s audience may not know Wiz Khalifa, he displays characteristics that are relatable to their entire audience. Watching the interaction of father and son having a fun day at home plays into their family audience.

Capture a New Audience – Smart partnerships allow brands to reach new audiences. Wiz Khalifa shared the campaign with his following introducing Oreo to his fans along with his stamp of approval.

Provide Value – While the content includes product placement, the campaign isn’t pushing purchasing behavior. Instead, the goal of the campaign is to promote the message of staying playful. Even the song lyrics promote the idea that you are never too old to have fun and to enjoy sweet moments.

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Which Athletic Shoe Brand are You?

Nike @nike

Nike takes a lifestyle approach to their content. Nike using their Instagram feed to tell a story about their brand story, athletic brand ambassadors, and their everyday users. Their content has an organic, user-generated feel.


Adidas @adidas

Adidas uses a mix of lifestyle and product-focused content in their feed. In the snapshot, you see the launch of a new sneaker, the announcement of a new collaboration, and features from their artist and athletic brand ambassadors.

Puma @puma

Puma also favors the lifestyle approach. Posts are centered around fashion influencers, athletic and artist brand ambassadors and content looks like it could be user-generated.

New Balance @newbalance

New Balance incorporates illustrations and imagery to break up their feed. They primarily highlight their athletic and artist brand ambassador while mixing in product-focused content.


Reebok @reebok

Reebok takes a product-focused approach. Much of their content promotes specific products and brand ambassadors in styled shots.

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Instagram Updates You Should Keep An Eye On

Social media is constantly changing and evolving. It’s amazing we keep up with it all! In the news recently, my favorite platform, Instagram, is rolling out some new updates that you should totally keep your eye on. Check them out!

  1. Instagram Considering Account Linking Feature for Simplicity of Multiple Account Management
  • What You Need to Know:
    • This is a new option to connect several accounts to a single log-in, enabling managers to more easily navigate various Instagram accounts.
    • Don’t get too excited, folks! I sure did! Even though there are many users who also run business accounts, this option to link multiple profiles is more aligned with the finsta trend, for users who have several personal accounts. However, Instagram is working on a solution for business accounts.
  1. Instagram is Now Testing Direct Messages For Your Desktop
  • What You Need to Know:
    • As you may know, Instagram usage on desktop is minimal. No photo uploads. No Stories updates. Sad day. Testing its direct message feature for  desktop use could be a big step forward for this previously mobile-only app.
    • This move could mean a couple things: messaging is taking on a new importance to the Insta team or it’s possible it is preparing for Facebook’s move to consolidate Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram DMs into a single, unified platform. More shall be revealed!
  1. IGTV Videos: Coming Soon to Your Insta Feed
  • What You Need To Know:
    • IGTV will not be ignored! There will now be an IGTV “preview” video and link placed right in your main feed when someone you follow posts a new video to IGTV.
    • This move indicates a less subtle push for users to start utilizing the feature, the  latest sign that IGTV hasn’t taken off as hoped. The bottom line: will users embrace it or be annoyed?

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Sources: Social Media Today, The Verge, Mashable, The New York Times

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How Dating Rules Apply to Email Marketing

You read that right. Email marketing can (unintentionally) teach you some good dating rules! Here’s how.

Most marketers will tell you that you shouldn’t send more than one email per week, max. That’s because you don’t want to flood people’s inbox with your content, unless you’re just that cool and you can get away with it or you’re sending to a highly-engaged crowd (we’ll get into that later).

That same rule can be applied to dating (with some time adjustments). You don’t overdo (or underdo) your communications with your partner. Overdoing texts and flooding your partners’ messages is a good way to get yourself blocked or ignored.

Send emails or updates every day will get you marked as spam or even worse, have your sending email address blacklisted. Being blacklisted will get you blocked from your email marketing platform because when you have a bad email sending score, you’re affecting your marketing platform as well.

Finding the happy medium where in email marketing (and dating) is the best way to stay engaged with your readers and maintain a healthy relationship.

That “Happy” Medium 

Somewhere between too little and too much is that happy medium where your subscribers welcome your emails to their inbox and regularly engage with your content.

This is referred to as the happy medium (our unofficial name) for email marketers. Getting here isn’t easy. It requires you to analyze data and experiment with different send times on different days of the week before you start to see a pattern with your subscribers.

When you first start dating, you’re also searching for a happy medium between you and your partner. You don’t want to message or call them too much and annoy them, but you also don’t want to do it too little and send the wrong impression or be forgotten.

Similar to analyzing data and email marketing results, you study your partner’s actions to make sure that you’re not bugging them when you message or call them in between dates.

Think of every email send as a date. Is your content keeping readers engaged or interested? Or are they unsubscribing as soon as they open your emails? If it’s the ladder, this is a classic case of “it’s not you, it’s me” or “they’re just not that into you.” That’s okay, not everyone is going to be engaged with your brand and some will leave your subscriber base once they collect their reward.

These are some of the ways that email marketing and dating are similar. They’re both hard to navigate (at first) and require the right amount of attention before you have an established relationship.

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