3 Strategies to Keep You Learning and Growing as a Graphic Designer

Working as a graphic designer over the years I have developed some strategies that have helped me grow. These are some helpful tips that have helped me become a better designer.

1. Keep an open mind when it comes to design

Keeping an open mind allows me as a designer to observe and learn from others. If you are experienced or a beginner, you can always learn something new and that never changes. I have observed many types of workflows and different ways to be efficient. All of this observation has allowed me to grow my task management skills as well as pick up new ones. Sometimes I try something new, and I am pleasantly surprised which allows me to reflect and slow down – focusing on getting better at what I love to do.

2. Learn your design tools in the moment

It is easy to get carried away with work and keep a routine. Especially when you are working in a fast-paced environment with many deadlines. What has helped me become a more efficient designer is learning new techniques and features of the tools I use while I work.

For example, I have used Adobe Illustrator for years and I am constantly learning new tricks and shortcuts. One rule I have given myself is learning one new button or feature during the day. It has helped expand my knowledge of Illustrator as well as increase my speed.

3. Be curious and try new tools

I personally love learning new things, but sometimes it is hard to find new things to learn, or even know where to start looking. Therefore, try whatever piques your curiosity – I enjoy attempting a creative skill that I have never experimented with before for no other reason than it’s interesting to me at the time. I have found that those journeys have been the most rewarding and surprising – especially when you get to take those new skills into a later project. 

Learning new tools helps with solving problems or figuring out the best way to execute a project. Currently, I am learning Blender (a free 3D animation softwares) in my free time.

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