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Is Instagram the New Google for Products & Services?

I’ve started planning my wedding. Yay! Which means I’ve been intensely researching venues, vendors, dresses and more. But, what I’ve noticed recently is that I’ve been doing the majority of my search on Instagram, not even visiting the websites of these people and places. 
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The Tribe Playlist: Spinning Right Round, Baby

The Tribe Playlist: Spinning Right Round, Baby. Here are a bunch of chosen songs broken down by tribe member accompanied by their slightly filtered thoughts.
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A Climber’s Guide to Being a Successful Marketer (or vice versa)

This week’s design features Lindsay Miller’s work on a simple and practical booklet for the City of San Antonio’s Economic Development Department.
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Do you know the real value of your customers? Read this!

It is so common now to run into all kinds of Facebook and Twitter pages such as law firms, accounting firms, retail businesses… I mean even the President has a Twitter! It is no surprise that the influence that a customer has through these media is more powerful than most would assume. The potential everyone…


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