Later 2017, queue the violins.

To say moments of 2017 were rough, is an understatement. Violence, division, intolerance and countless other haunting ghosts from Christmas past, took center stage this year. But hey, kudos to us,— we made it. Despite the less than outstanding political climate in the United States, some cool stuff did happen in 2017. Chance the Rapper got nominated for three Grammys (You go boy!) American actress Meghan Markle got engaged to Prince Henry of Wales. Yes, his actual name is Henry. Who knew? We had an eclipse. And, can we take a minute to talk about Unicorn food (cc Starbucks).

Have you ever noticed in a movie or on television, every time something really profound happens there is always an amazing song playing in the background? As a tribe of creative minded people, music is intrinsic to us at Tribu. We can’t help but notice these details and in turn mix the soundtrack to our own lives. So for one of the last blog postings for 2017, the tribe has compiled a list of its favorite songs from this year. A musical year in review, courtesy of Tribu. It’s diverse, fun, thoughtful, and maybe even a little weird. We’re Millennials, we wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re welcome in advance.

Tribu 2017 Jams!

Tribu Holiday