Build Your Brand with a Pop!

E-commerce is an accessible way for new businesses to start selling their product with low start-up costs. Through e-commerce businesses can connect and sell directly to their customers online. However, some e-commerce companies are coming out from behind their screens to interact with their customer based using special pop-up shops. Pop-up shops are temporary brick and mortar retail stores.

 Why Try a Pop-Up Shop?

Build Stronger Relationships

Pop up shops allows business to engage with their audience in a personal and intimate way. Being completely online, one of the limits of e-commerce is the amount of personal interaction customers receive. Pop-up shops invite loyal follows to come and connect with the brand while also attracting new consumers who might stumble upon the store.

Build Excitement

When a brand announces a pop-up shop, it builds anticipation and excitement for their followers. The short-term nature helps add an exclusivity factor that motivates people to actually visit the store.  

Get Creative Without Breaking the Bank

When businesses begin planning for a pop-up shop, they can choose from a variety of options; from storefronts, to vehicles. Renting out space is a much cheaper option compared to opening a permanent store, and unlike tradeshows or getting shelf space at a big box retailer, owners have complete control over these empty spaces. If done right, these pop-up shops can create a unique and unforgettable experience for your customer.

Whether it’s to promote a new product launch or to simply create buzz, companies, including Google and Snapchat, take advantage of the short-term nature of pop up shops to engage with their network.