Let’s GROW Together in 2020 – digital marketing trends you should be using to grow your biz this year

Digital marketing trends you should be using to grow your biz this year.

The New Year is finally upon us, and as 2020 sets in, everyone is scrambling to put together their 2020 goals.

Usually, organizations take the time to set their growth goals for the new year, but few companies actually plan out the steps that need to be taken to achieve these goals. Whether it’s increasing revenue, expanding brand awareness, growing your team, or something else, we know your business is focused on making 2020 the best year yet.

As a way to ring in the New Year, Tribu has created a video series dedicated to helping you boost your digital marketing game to meet your 2020 goals.

Check out our first-ever video series, Grow 2020. Each video will be a quick, 3-minute video about a digital marketing trend your company should be exploring in 2020.

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Keep your eyes on our blog to see the next video – these tips will help take your business to the next level. If you’re interested in learning more information about how digital marketing can help you grow your business this year, let’s get connected.

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4 Reasons Why Treating Your Business Like a Media Company Will Help You Grow

1. It will set your business as an industry thought leader

Being in the business you’re in, already makes you super knowledge about what you are currently selling. Use this knowledge to your advantage by educating people on the challenges they might encounter that have to do with your business. This is your opportunity to influence a potential lead by providing them with free knowledge on a problem they are facing. Doing so, will impact a person when they are ready to make a purchasing decision. In other words, if your business helped a user with their searching, it is likely that they will think about your brand because of how you made them feel when they were in need for a solution. Given that your brand has a strong identity and great product/service, you have a pretty high percentage rate of converting that lead when the times come.

2. Generating different types of content all over the web will affect your SEO ranking on Google in a good way! (if and only if the content is accurate, authentic and optimized)

You can educate people in many different forms. Some examples include blogging (just like what I’m doing now), video, graphics, webinars, or even eBooks. Utilizing these tools to publish content just like a media company will bring massive amounts of value to people on the web looking for answers to pertaining to your industry. In addition, it will aid your Google overall ranking making you more visible to prospects. Accurately placing and publishing content will be recognized by Google and it will pay off in the long run.

3. Expand your brand awareness and message

The more you post, the more opportunity you have for someone to notice your brand. But do not mix this up, with over posting. What I mean by that is, posting significant amounts of content that bring little to no value to an end user. With that being said, it is okay to post as much content as you want, as long as it is engaging, informative, and something that whoever you are trying to reach will find valuable. If correctly executed, your brand should have a massive online library of available resources to potential, current, and past customers. Ultimately, aiding your brand messaging and presence in your online community and maybe even other communities (if you have collaborated).

4. Strategically published content will embody an inbound marketing approach that will help your business grow. As your business grows, your revenue grows too!

Without even knowing it (or maybe you do), treating your business like a media company and consistently publishing content will embrace what’s called an “inbound marketing strategy”. This strategy is a unique approach that looks to move consumers through an ongoing process of attracting, engaging, and delighting. Now that you know, embracing an inbound marketing strategy to your business plan will make it that much more effective.

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How Seasonality Helps Sales

It’s fall! Even if the summer sun is still shining in San Antonio, I’m still excited for it to be my favorite season. With the weather slowly getting cooler, we can anticipate sweater weather, fall flavors on the shelves and the yummiest holiday, Thanksgiving! 😍

This time of year also brings limited edition products that are exclusive to the holidays. Check out these two popular drink examples.

Pumpkin Spice Season – PSLs have become a Fall must-have thanks to Starbucks.

Shamrock Shakes – McDonald’s St. Paddy’s day drink is only available in March. 

Not in the food and drink industry? Seasonality still applies! Here are some takeaways any business can apply to get the best out of seasonal products. 

  • Create Urgency & Hype:
    • Seasonal products are typically only available for a limited time and spark urgency for buyers to shop now and potentially buy more than they need because they won’t be available for long. 
  • Build a Dedicated Tribe: 
    • Loyal product lovers will anticipate these limited product releases and boost sales once they are finally released.
  • Bridging Strong Associations: 
    • Like the examples above, some seasonal products have built such a tie to a specific event or holiday that customers feel like they wouldn’t be complete without them.

Digital Creative Institute (DCI) Teaching Takeaways

A couple weeks ago, team members from Tribu were invited to assist the Digital Creative Institute (DCI) in San Antonio with teaching the social media portion of their curriculum to this year’s cohort, a talented group of young professionals looking to transform their career through the 15-month digital marketing apprenticeship program.

What is DCI: Digital Creative Institute is a transformative 15-month digital marketing apprenticeship program that focuses on giving recent college graduates the necessary skills to thrive in the workforce and providing local businesses in San Antonio and Austin with highly qualified and productive talent.

I had such an amazing time with the apprentices and want to share a few great takeaways that helped me to also realign as a social media professional and get back to the basics.

  • Always think about the big picture, then think about the smaller pictures. We all know the pretty tactical pieces of social media make it exciting, but we do need to back up first and explain how we get there. Before jumping into the tactics, think about your audience, how you can best reach them, the overall goals of your business or client, etc. Think macro, then think micro, so you don’t lose sight of the big needs by getting too far into the weeds.
  • Consider marketing channels outside of social media. All pieces of a digital campaign need to be cohesive and moving in the same direction with similar calls to action. If social lives in its own silo, audiences can be confused and the messaging can’t do its job as effectively.
  • There is no true right way to build a digital strategy. Every client is different, every business/revenue stream has its own caveats and quirks. As marketers, we have to understand this, love this and accept this. When it comes to strategy, we can’t fit every client into a structure we’ve built. Get creative, move things around and make your approach unique.
  • Stay true to the brand and the business plan. Having brand pillars, overall business plans and big macro goals really helps determine social direction. Revisiting those frequently allows you to stay on track and make the best decisions for the brand direction.

Thanks again for a great time, DCI! Hopefully, we can work together again soon.

Interested in learning more about DCI, check them out here! Looking for an amazing partner to take your business to the next level? Give us a call!

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Social Media Panel Takeaways

Randi Berkovsky at PRSA Luncheon - Speaking on Panel | Tribu Digital Marketing

On April 4, I had the great pleasure of being a speaker on the PRSA Social Media Tips & Tricks Panel to share my social media expertise on behalf of Tribu. Below are a few major takeaways from the panel’s speakers that might help businesses with their social media questions.

  1. Build a social media strategy. Make sure you plan out your social media effectively, including having conversations about your organization’s goals, objectives, target audience, budget, campaign ideas and truly deciding if social media (or any other channels) is the right fit for your business. Sometimes, it’s not – and that’s totally cool.
  2. Understand what it takes to manage social effectively. This can be a lot of work, so please make sure you have the staff, resources and knowledge to kick serious booty. Please keep up-to-date on best practices – there’s plenty of reading material out there – and understand that you may need to have an organic and paid approach to reach your goals.
  3. Know a couple good secrets. A few strong tips from the panelists:
  • Only post once a day on each channel. Any more and you’re competing with yourself.
  • What might be right for another brand or competitor might not be right for you and that’s ok. Don’t be so focused on others or what is hot all the time.
  • Use content buckets that really bring value to your consumers. Yelling “buy my product” can most likely give people negative thoughts about you. Think of ways you can put yourself in their shoes, provide value and then make the sell.
  • Try to have an ad budget, even if it’s small. And guess what? There’s more to social media than just boosting posts. There are so many paid ad objectives that a business can use to reach their macro goals. This info is available for free through Facebook, so you can read up and pick which is best for you. Test it. Love it. Kill it.

I hope that’s helpful for you! And, if you don’t want to do it yourself and would love a committed partner to help you with social media, Tribu’s got your back. Give us a call!

Happy Birthday To You: Our Cool Tribu B-Day Culture

As I’m writing this, it’s my birthday! Happy 26th to me! But, it’s really our Tribu culture and how we celebrate our people that’s the real gift.

How Tribu Celebrates Birthdays: 

  • Insert Culture Club – our amazing group of tribers who plan each member’s birthday gift, cake, card and all that good stuff. They work super hard to make each person feel special, and anyone can join. They work in the background prior to your day to blow. your. mind.
  • You walk into work. You stroll to your desk. BAM! There’s confetti, balloons, decorations and people popping confetti in your face. Not a bad start to the day, right?!
  • Each person gets a nice gift specific to them. Of course, I got craft beer, a taco tower and a Michaels gift card to go toward hanging pieces from my art collection. Other Tribe Members have received things like flowers, cute items for their desk, their favorite food or drink items, lunch, etc. I mean, let’s face it, food is the best gift ever.
  • At lunch on your birthday, we have cake, food delivered or something to celebrate that person. Everyone  takes a break to spend time to be with you. Which is sooooo cool!
  • Lastly, there’s the card. It’s the simplest part but my personal favorite. Everyone signs it and says something super sweet about you. Hearing how you’ve impacted people and made their lives better really makes your day special.  


Don’t you want to become a Tribe member now? Guess what? You can! Reach out to us today for a partner who can help you celebrate your business and make you feel like it’s your birthday every single day. Because we’re just that good. 🙂


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Wanna Sprite?

Sprite is a lemon-lime flavored soda created by The Coca-Cola Company. Sprite has had a long-standing partnership with NBA-player Lebron James. Lebron has appeared on many of their channels to promote their product since 2003. Let’s take a look at how this long term relationship has made Lebron the face of the company and improved Sprite’s bottom line.

In 2016 Sprite released a commercial with Lebron James to promote their product. In the commercial, Lebron seems to take a jab at other celebrity endorsers say “I’ll never tell you to ‘Drink Sprite’.” Lebron continues to troll taking shots at musicians writing product songs, influencer marketing, and autotune. The commercial concludes with Lebron asking “Wanna Sprite?”

This commercial was a key piece of the launch of the #WannaSprite campaign which continues to run today. In 2017 James was rewarded their Spokesman of the Year, to celebrate the success of his #WannaSprite campaign.

In mid-November of 2017, Sprite released their seasonal cranberry flavor along with a new animated commercial featuring musical artist DRAM. In the commercial an animated version of Lebron makes a guest appearance.

In recent months, the commercial has made a comeback due to it’s meme-ability. Memes have been circulating of Lebron James popping up and asking “Wanna Sprite?”. Some fans are even requesting the full version of DRAM’s song “It’s the thirstiest time of year”.

While Sprite may not have predicted the virality of the commercial, Sprite Cranberry has been a key driver of the company’s revenue since 2013. A combination of seasonality, a strong marketing campaign, and social media buzz has made local bottlers of the drink sell out every year.

Our Work With Beer N’ All in 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Beer N’ All is a long-standing alcoholic beverage drive-thru with three locations across San Antonio. While the business had fostered a loyal, fervent following since opening in the 2000s, it’s lacked city-wide awareness beyond its stores’ immediate surroundings.

Taking over Beer N’ All’s end-to-end marketing, we changed this with a three-step approach. Our first order of business was establishing a robust online presence, creating an all-new website infused with energy and character to better tell Beer N’ All’s story to a broad audience. Our second step was to foster an engaging social media presence, leveraging Facebook and Instagram as a tool to better communicate monthly specials to our loyal fans, as well as introducing the brand to the wider San Antonio community. Our efforts proved to be a boom for the brand, as new San Antonians discovered Beer N’ All for the first time through targeted Facebook ads, aided by high-quality, edgy, attention-grabbing designs.

Next, we gave the brand identity a complete refresh, updating Beer N’ All’s logo from its outdated “tropical look” to a fresh, hip mark, better capable of communicating Beer N’ All’s story. The logo now sits on LED-backed lights in front of each of Beer N’ All’s three locations, as well as all marketing collateral.

Finally we’ve worked on launching a variety of programs aimed at boosting sales, including the addition of a Saturday morning “Hangover” menu insert, detailing different morning-time beverages, such as Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.

All together, our efforts have dramatically increased Beer N’ All’s year over year percent sales and has provided it with a boost of momentum as it seeks to grow its city-wide presence.

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