How Seasonality Helps Sales

It’s fall! Even if the summer sun is still shining in San Antonio, I’m still excited for it to be my favorite season. With the weather slowly getting cooler, we can anticipate sweater weather, fall flavors on the shelves and the yummiest holiday, Thanksgiving! 😍

This time of year also brings limited edition products that are exclusive to the holidays. Check out these two popular drink examples.

Pumpkin Spice Season – PSLs have become a Fall must-have thanks to Starbucks.

Shamrock Shakes – McDonald’s St. Paddy’s day drink is only available in March. 

Not in the food and drink industry? Seasonality still applies! Here are some takeaways any business can apply to get the best out of seasonal products. 

  • Create Urgency & Hype:
    • Seasonal products are typically only available for a limited time and spark urgency for buyers to shop now and potentially buy more than they need because they won’t be available for long. 
  • Build a Dedicated Tribe: 
    • Loyal product lovers will anticipate these limited product releases and boost sales once they are finally released.
  • Bridging Strong Associations: 
    • Like the examples above, some seasonal products have built such a tie to a specific event or holiday that customers feel like they wouldn’t be complete without them.