Spot UV Printing Basics

Setting up files for print can be daunting for anyone. Unlike digital media where you have a chance to change and replace the design almost instantly, with print you only get one shot to get it right. And getting it right or wrong can either lead you to an angry mob or to the victory circle so be sure to check, triple check and quadruple check basically keep checking until you hit print/send.

For a Spot UV print, it’s a little different than your average print job. Most printers will want whatever area you would like to have the Spot UV to be all black. So I highlighted below in pink to show you what areas we want to get that awesome shine.

Here you can see the exact area that will have the Spot UV, this will also be what the files look like that you will need to send to your printer along with the regular artwork you would normally send. So all the black areas we have below will have the Spot UV.

Once you’ve sent them to the printer you should end up with some nice looking business cards that have a nice shine in the designated (black) areas you choose.

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