Marketing Agency, but Management Lesson: Success In The A/C Vents

Whatever You Do, Do It Together

One of the greatest dynasties in sports is not a household name for most Americans. If I was to ask you who the best team in sports history was, who would you say? The 90s Chicago Bulls, the ‘92 USA Basketball Dream Team, the Tom Brady led Patriots?

Well, I would like to introduce you to another, The All Blacks of New Zealand. Look them up, but I’ll give you a quick stat:

Since 1903 The All Blacks have a 79% winning percentage (90% since the start of this current decade)

The winning speaks for itself, but it is their team culture that can teach us something. There’s two mottos that are worth noting:

  1. Sweeping the Sheds is a literal and figurative term relating to humility, a core principle to their success. The captains to the rookies tidy up after themselves – no one is too big to do the little things.
  2. Champions Do Extra pushes a player to continual improvement and continual learning – simply finding ways to do 1% more in whatever you do.

The fact that the entire team lives by these principles is what makes them successful. Whatever they do, they do it as one.

Team sports just really get to me – how numerous, different individuals come together and compete with a goal that they are all working towards. Tribu is similar, different departments, different roles, all working to produce marketing expertise for a client, our teammate.

Being an athlete myself, naturally I was attracted to intern at Tribu for the teammate, one team feel. So I want to connect The Tribe and All Blacks.


Just like the All Blacks, humility plays into the success of the company. Quotes about staying humble hang around the office. There is no doubt that success is in the air at the office, just swing by and check out the 50+ industry awards they’ve won together (#humblebrag).

The moment I stepped in the office, the atmosphere just felt different. The other day a man stepped in, without talking to anyone, expressed the same thought with me – that the office just had a different kind of feeling. I would venture to say he was talking about the humble success, do it together atmosphere.

Constant Improvement & Learning

Each day you can find one Tribe member helping another, helping them understand something or communicating in order to achieve success. Applications on the computer keeps The Tribe in constant communication and well connected. Weekly meetings as an entire company drive vulnerability and quality time, and another term new to me, conversational capacity.

When playing on a team, disputes are bound to arise, and rightfully so tough conversations become a pivotal point in how successful a team will become.

Conversational capacity is having the ability to have a difficult talk while keeping the success of the team in mind.

Often egos and emotions can get in the way, but being vulnerable and upfront in a conversation can prove healthy in a growing company, like Tribu.

In my eyes, a team that is successful is both humble and pushes each other to grow individually, and collectively.

Sometimes you cannot reach your goals without a little help, so if you’re interested in being our teammate, reach out! We would love to help!

The Tribe’s 2018 Goals

The new year always feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s a special time to sit and think about the year ahead and what we wish to do and achieve. As we came back to reality earlier this month from our much needed winter vacation, we all started to think about what we wanted to accomplish this year, both personally and professionally. We are so excited for 2018 and all the good that is to come.

Check out our list of 2018 #tribegoals, maybe we have a few of the same goals as you!



Professional Goal: Be a better listener. Take less meetings.

Personal Goal: Start running again. Be home by 6:30pm.



Professional Goal: My big goal for 2018 is to double our sales revenue from 2017.

Personal Goal: Work out a minimum of four times per week and incorporate sprinting.



Professional Goal: Increase profit. (aka don’t lose Tribu’s money.)

Personal Goal: Learn some new gourmet meals to cook.


Solutions Consultant

Professional Goal: To create an epic sales playbook.

Personal Goal: Be more proactive in reaching out to friends and family.


Digital Department Manager

Professional Goal: Spend more time getting to know my tribe. Dedicate more time every week to brainstorming new creative strategies for our partners.

Personal Goal: Spend more time enjoying the outdoors, choreograph more dances for myself and find more new music to enjoy.


Web Department Manager

Professional Goal: I want to push myself to pay more attention to details and testing.

As a bonus I would like to take a course on PHP programing to further what I already know.

Personal Goal: I would like to become more of a thinker, ponder more topics, exercise curiosity and try things that are scary.


Social Media Manager

Professional Goal: Grow as a leader.

Personal Goal: Maintain a consistent workout regime.


Graphic Designer

Professional Goal: Separate my days into sectioned off time slots for each partner rather than hopping from tribe partner to tribe partner as requests come in.

Personal Goal: Ride my bike 3x as much as I did last year and to get a spot on the podium for racing.


Graphic Designer

Professional Goal: Grow as a designer and keep up with relevant design trends.

Personal Goal: Be more mindful.


Website Designer

Professional Goal: Learn to animate (in After Effects).

Personal Goal: Relax more (yoga, tea, not feeling guilty for personal time).


Content Strategist

Professional Goal: Get the majority of my assigned partners to renew their retainer.

Personal Goal: Get my mile pace back to between 5 and 6 minutes.


Social Media Coordinator

Professional Goal: Get more creative in my copywriting.

Personal Goal: Read a new book every month. This month I’m reading “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed!


Executive Assistant to CEO

Professional Goal: Become a master at organization.

Personal Goal: Visit a country I have not been to. In March I am going to Ireland.