Lucky 13 + A Special Judges Award: 2018 American Advertising Awards (ADDYs)

Tribu and the 2018 American Advertising Awards (ADDYs)

Triskaidekaphobia is an extreme superstition of the number thirteen. As many as three million people suffer from a fear of this number, which is why you’ll be hard pressed to find the thirteenth floor on an elevator in San Antonio, or across the country. However, at Tribu we do not have this affliction.

For two consecutive years, thirteen has been the Tribe’s lucky number at the American Advertising Awards, which celebrates the best professional and student advertising work produced in the San Antonio market.

The 2018 judges panel consisted of a diverse group of advertising professionals from around the country, in specialized fields like print and broadcast and online and interactive, as well as two local student competition judges.

Our motto is “work hard, play hard,” and the Tribe did just that at the award ceremony held at the Sheraton Gunter Hotel in downtown on March 3.

Of the thirteen awards, plus a Special Judge’s Award, Tribu and its partners took home the following:

  • SPECIAL JUDGES AWARD – Tribu Trio Modern Mediterranean Website
  • GOLD – Tribu “Meet Me at Trio” – Trio Modern Mediterranean
  • GOLD – Tribu “Great Water Makes Great Whiskey” – Devils River Whiskey
    • Major congrats (and gratitude!) to our collaborative partner on this one, Epic Creative Media. Need award-winning video? Call Epic!
  • GOLD – Tribu – Trio Modern Mediterranean Website – Trio Modern Mediterranean
  • GOLD – Tribu – Launching Devils River Whiskey – Devils River Whiskey
  • SILVER – Tribu – AAA 2017 Winners Book – American Advertising Federation
  • SILVER – Tribu “Congrats from ADDY Bae” – American Advertising Federation
  • SILVER – Tribu – Trio Modern Mediterranean Logo – Trio Modern Mediterranean
  • SILVER – Tribu – Abode Living Website – Abode Living
  • BRONZE – Tribu “Tuck & Bundle – Bundle Up Manual” – Tuck & Bundle
  • BRONZE – Tribu – Proventorque Website – Proventorque
  • BRONZE – Tribu “An Evening in Mardi Gras” – City of San Antonio
  • BRONZE – Tribu – Devils River Whiskey Website – Devils River Whiskey
  • BRONZE – Tribu – San Antonio’s Tricentennial Website – San Antonio Tricentennial Commission

As I read over the list of awards, I couldn’t help but think of my favorite, superstitiously avert advertising professional, Don Draper. Donny boy once said, “Even though success is a reality, its effects are temporary.” The Tribe ascribes to this mentality.

Although we celebrate the success of the work we produce at Tribu, we will not rest on our laurels. Thirteen is a just a number, lucky or unlucky. As a Tribe of creative, Millennials, we can’t help but strive for more. Which is why we will continue to produce the most elevated content and design for our partners as we move forward in 2018 and beyond.

Cheers to our fellow American Advertising Award winners, and to producing more award-winning work!

Want some award-winning work from the friendliest and happiest tribe in town?

The Tribe Playlist: Spinning Right Round, Baby

On any given day, the tribe is jamming Beyoncé, Johnny Cash, Pearl Jam or top tunes from classic Disney films. Eclectic doesn’t even begin to describe it, I know. Music is one way we have learned to cure our workday woes and keep us in grind mode. Plus, inspiration is hiding in the most unlikely places, including our Drake “best of lyrics” wall.

With the concept ‘creativity encourages creativity’ in mind, the tribe has compiled some notable musical favorites to share and hopefully get your imaginative gears turning.

Given no instruction aside from “List two of your favorite songs right now and reasons why they were selected,” here are a bunch of songs broken down by tribe member accompanied by their slightly filtered thoughts.

Twon – Graphic Designer

Hiatus Kaiyote “Molasses”

This isn’t even my favorite song from this enigmatic band, but the bass line is incredibly smooth, and some of the patterns on the drums make me happy in the pants. They’re a band’s band, and this tune is laced with reasons why.

Thundercat “Tron Cat”

Another song from an artist that isn’t necessarily my favorite, but I love. This piece is a beautiful ode to his cat, Tron. If I could cry and my tears could smile, this song would cause that heartfelt moment as I lay bare skin with jersey-material knickers watching Captain Planet on a Tuesday night.

Chelsea M. – Website Designer

BoA “Only One”

Growing up, some girls call Beyoncé their queen. For me, BoA has always been my Beyoncé.

EXO “Overdose”

When that Korean boy band you’ve been getting into releases a new jam for the ages and then your favorite members leave… but at least I still have a new jam for the ages.

Chelsea C. – Content Strategist

Miguel “Simple Things”

<3 this song! His voice is amazing!

Blackstreet “No Diggity”

This is an awesome hype throwback.

Lindsay – Creative Director

Ghostland Observatory “Midnight Voyage”

If I were the main character of a romantic comedy, this would be my entrance song. It’s also my boyfriend and I’s favorite band and we love this song.

Nickel Creek “Jealous of the Moon”

I was given a CD with this song on it about 10 years ago. For me this song holds deep sentimental meaning. I have a lot of emotion and feeling tied to it, and I feel like in some way it helped me through the most difficult time of my life. Love, love, this song and I love the person who introduced it to me even more (my boyfriend, Israel).

Sara – Chief Executive Officer

Lorde “Royals”

Guilty pleasure? Not sure. I like it. Also love this version of it

Gloria Gaynor “I will survive”

Total a guilty pleasure and an awesome “pick me up” after a tough day.

Logan – Content Strategist

Granger Smith “We Bleed Maroon”

Gotta rep my Aggie roots. Brings tears to my eyes every time… enough tears to full up a ring dunk pitcher. Gig ’em!

A Day To Remember “I’m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?”

Whether it’s getting back on track, getting hyped at the beginning of a workday or getting ready for my next set at the gym, this one’s a go-to to get me moving.

Jason – Business Developer And Husband To Sara

Wade Bowen “Who I Am”

Love Texas country and this song gets a lot of play in my vehicle, especially since Sara really likes it as well. It pretty much falls right in that little overlapping sweet spot in the S&J Venn diagram.

LCD Soundsystem “Home”

LCD is my favorite band and I love this song. Also, the first show Sara and I went to together was LCD Soundsystem at Stubbs in Austin, so there’s some added significance.

Victoria – Content Strategist

Lauryn Hill “Ready or Not”

Lauryn Hill is by far my favorite female rapper. I can always count on grooving to this song no matter where I am.

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter “Love on Top”

I knew I had to give a shout out to the Queen Bee for this blog. Although I love all Beyoncé songs, this one especially makes me smile and dance even if I am doing something I hate (like folding clothes).

Mel – Content Creator

Son Lux “Easy”

I’m a writer (it’s even tattooed on my wrist), so naturally I’m a sucker for lyrics. They are one of the most significant elements to a song, which is why “Easy” is so memorable for me. Its repetitive lyrics and melodic structure are seemingly simple in a hypnotic kind of way, but the executive is far from being easy like Sunday morning. Son Lux features a crazy interesting front man, but my favorite person to watch is the drummer. He has beats that a rhythmically challenged individual like myself would consider “sick.”

Rainbow Kitten Surprise “Devil Like Me”

“You see the devil don’t mean to be evil, he just regrettably forgets to exceed expectation.” Same.

Speaking of lyrics, this song has been haunting me for the past few weeks. Far from being the best band or the best song composition, there is still something that hits real close to home on this one. It’s a mumbly libretto, but I love it.

In addition to being talented Spotify DJs, the Tribu team is composed of some of the best digital marketers this world has ever seen. If you want a team of creative thinkers, give us a call.

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