Translation Options for Your Website

We often get asked what the options are for translating a website. When determining which option works best for your business, it’s important to consider both the quality of the translation as well as the amount of work it takes to translate and maintain the text. Below you will find three options for creating a multilingual website.


Localization creates a geo-targeted microsite. This option gives you an enormous amount of control, but also requires a lot setup time. Localizations utilizes the user’s location to determine which language the page should be presented in. This allows you to choose how information and content are presented to each group and can be a great solution for businesses with a global reach.


  • Customized experience for each region
  • Provides targeted content
  • Control of translation quality


  • Time consuming – requires manual translation
  • Most expensive option 


Microsites allow developers to create alternate versions of pages in different languages. Plugins such as WPML (WordPress Multilingual), make this task much easier. These plugins use the browser’s preferred language to call the page that correlates. 


  • Uses browser’s preference to determine language
  • Control of translation quality
  • Can translate custom post types, widgets, menus, and more.


  • Time consuming – requires manual translation
  • Can be hard to manage with a lot of pages and multiple languages

Machine Translation

If time and resources are a factor, machine translation is most likely the best solution for you. Machine translations use plugins such as Google Translate to switch between languages at a click of a button. The limitation to this option is the translation quality. Most plugins do not allow you to edit the translation, but machine translations are getting better every year and are a great budget-friendly option.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy for users to operate
  • Doesn’t require manual translation


  • Less accurate translation
  • Doesn’t allow for customization of the text


In the past two or three years illustration has become a hot commodity in design. And for good reason. It creates visual interest and can pique a user’s attention pretty well when used.

1) This piece by Anthony Miller for Brass Hand’s homepage is a pretty good and cool example of the minimal look of illustration in UX design work.

2) This piece by Selecto on Dribbble is also a really great example of illustration and UX design complementing one another.

3) Sweet Ice Cream by Outcrowd.

4) Environment Protection Community Website by Tunik

5) Hiring Artists Website Design by Tubik

6) Product Management Landing By Muhammad Aseif

Tribe Q&A: 10 Questions With Natalie Balusek, Digital Strategy Manager At Tribu

Each month we will ask a different tribe member 10 questions so that you can get to know more about their backgrounds, passions, and interests.

In part two of our #MeetTheTribe Q&A Series, we’re sitting down with Natalie Balusek, who joined the tribe at the beginning of the year and brings a wealth of experience with her!

1. Q) Hi, Natalie. Where are you from?

I was born and raised in San Antonio, which I’m very proud of! I love this city.

2. Q) Where did you go to college, what did you study and why?

I went to Texas State University and got my Bachelors Degree in public relations, with a minor in fashion merchandising. I’m a people person and so I really enjoy helping businesses achieve their goals through public perception and messaging.

3. Q) What would you say is your best skill?

Connecting with people and building relationships.

4. Q) What do you like to do outside of work?

Hang out with my friends, eat good food, see Beyonce in concert. I also loooove to travel.

5. Q) What are some small things that make your day better?

Lily bug, my pug. Sean, my husband. Having coffee by myself in the morning you know that euphoric 30 minutes where you’re just sitting there, existing?

Oh and Music, I love starting my day off with music. And just saying hello and smiling to people.

6. Q) Are there any movies, podcasts, or tv shows that you recommend?

I recommend a podcast called ‘My Favorite Murder’ shout out to Jessica (Web Designer at Tribu) as she introduced to me that. For TV shows, I would recommend the reboot of ‘One Day At a Time’ on Netflix.

7. Q) What is the best book you’ve ever read?

It’s not the best book I’ve ever read, but it’s the one that made the biggest difference Girlboss by Sophia Amoroso. It has great little nuggets of information and it’s easy to digest. I found it really inspiring.

8. Q) What’s next on your bucket list?

Visit New York. When I was little I wanted to be a fashion writer at Elle, but as I soon realized you have to go to New York to do that!

My husband and I had plans to visit in 2012, but then Hurricane Sandy hit so we had to give it a miss. We plan on going this year for our anniversary.

9. Q) What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

Moving into our new house. We purchased a home in December, and we’re making a few renovations and I’m looking forward to finally moving in!

10. Q) What is your favorite thing about Tribu?

My favorite thing about Tribu is the creative atmosphere, and knowing that I’m actually making a difference for both Tribu and our tribe partners. And working with one of my best friends, Sara!

Stay tuned for part three of our #MeetTheTribe Q&A Series coming up soon!

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Star Collision Repair Website Design

Star Collision Repair’s shop is located in a very competitive area and they want to stand out. We kept their old color schemes while adding some new bold pops of red, angled layouts and transitional animations to guide the flow of the user through the site. This flow is important to getting users to the contact page, which has a convenient form that includes a way to upload images. This better informs the Star Collision team, which helps customers get help faster.

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Tribe Q&A: 10 Questions With Alex Fore, Web Designer At Tribu

Alex Fore - Web & Graphic DesignerWelcome to our #MeetTheTribe Q&A Series! Each month we will ask a different tribe member 10 questions so that you can get to know more about their backgrounds, passions and interests. Alex is our newest tribe member, so it was a great way for us to get to know him better, too.

Q) Hi, Alex. Where are you from?

Argenta, Illinois. It’s a small town with 950 people, one gas station and no stop lights. If you want to go to a grocery store or go to the movies, you have to drive 20 miles.

Q) Where did you go to college, what did you study and why?

I went to Illinois State University to study graphic design. I grew up drawing animals, like every other kid. But I took a design class in my senior year and loved it, and it also seemed like a good financial decision!

Q) What would you say is your best skill?

Organizing. Closets, suitcases, car trunks, you name it. You should have seen how organized our vehicles were when we moved to San Antonio from Louisville, Kentucky (I lived there for a year). Anything with a process? I’ll get stuck in.

Q) What do you like to do outside of work?

I like riding motorcycles, I like running, ok I hate running, but I still do it a lot. I like training my dogs to do stupid stuff – they can play dead, jump through my arms, plays hide and seek, and more.

Q) What is the best thing you ever bought?

My Ipad pro. I use it for everything, especially drawing and working. When I first moved to San Antonio, I would take it the zoo and just draw. It’s definitely the most utilized thing I’ve ever bought.

Q) Are there any movies, podcasts, or tv shows that you recommend?

The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime, I love watching them wreck $2million cars.

When I’m feeling nerdy? I like to listen to the muggle cast, a Harry Potter podcast. Other podcasts I recommend are 3 point perspective: The Illustration Podcast, and Motoweek.

Q) Favorite album of all time?

I used to listen to country all the time growing up, now I can’t stand it. I don’t have a favorite album, but I do like listening to the rocket hour radio show by Elton John.

Q) Out of all of the places you’ve traveled to, where is your favorite?

Los Angeles. I’ve only been there once and it was a long time ago, but I just like the vibe and environment. I was 17 and had no vehicle so we walked everywhere and saw all the sights like   Venice beach and Rodeo drive, I also went to a Dodgers game. We stayed in a hotel on the walk of fame in Hollywood, right by the Chinese Theatre.

Q) What is your favorite thing to do in San Antonio?

Eat. I love the Texas redfish or the duck breast at Whiskey Cake. That was the first restaurant we ate at when we moved to San Antonio.

Q) What is your favorite thing about Tribu?

I haven’t been here long, but I love the atmosphere – it’s relaxed and inviting and the people are really cool.

Alex, we think you’re pretty cool, too. Welcome to the Tribe!

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Military Crashpad Website Redesign

Temporary relocation is a hassle that military members deal with often when they are needed elsewhere or when additional training is needed. Military Crashpad is a company that helps alleviate the stress of finding a temporary home by offering affordable housing near AFB (air force bases) around the country. Military Crashpad needed something clean and easy to navigate while being highly customizable in the backend for building their community and updating their user base with informational blogs.

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Code Up Web Redesign

The CodeUp Web Redesigned was inspired by the colorful personalities that make CodeUp so great. Really pushing their creativity and curiosity in what we do. We tried to bring some of that playfulness into the site. We utilized coding elements and accents through the site and even hid some easter eggs for who venture!

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