Text Marketing – The Benefits and Why You Should Utilize It In Your Campaigns

Launching a new product or service? Have an exciting business update? Got a promo code or a special offer you can provide for your audience? What better way to get the word out than a text, where the recipient will receive an instant notification on their phone. 

Here are just a few reasons why you should incorporate text marketing into your campaigns. 

  1. Fast Announcements

When it comes to text marketing, there is very little prep time. You don’t have to wait on print materials or approvals from the service provider – you can write a short announcement, attach a website link if needed, and hit that send button with no regrets. 

  1. There’s Less Competition

Unlike emails that can get lost in cluttered inboxes and digital advertisements that have to go up against competitors with bigger budgets, text marketing is an advertising method that allows you to capture more attention from your audience.

  1. Higher Open Rate Than Emails

According to Campaign Monitor, Text Marketing has a whopping 98% average open rate, compared to just 20% from Email Marketing. However, this does not mean one method should be chosen over another. Each with their own benefits, both emails and texts can work together to create a strong, comprehensive campaign.

  1. Flexible Payment Options

Most Text marketing services, such as SlickText or EZtext, offer flexible pricing plans. You can either pay as you go, subscribe to a monthly. With certain services such as Slicktext, there is also the option for you to upgrade and downgrade your plan as you see fit. 

  1. High Return on Investment

Because there is very little prep time and the open rate is so high, text marketing allows for a fast turnaround and a strong return on investment. It’s a cost-effective strategy for you to get your marketing message out to your audience, quickly and cheaply. 

Here at Tribu, we can take care of all of your text marketing needs. Need help with your comprehensive marketing campaign? Reach out today!

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