The Do’s and Dont’s of Website Design

In this blog, we are going to take a look at some design and functionality decisions made in the homepage redesign of Galleria Park. Why the homepage? It is important to get the homepage right because it is going to set the tone for the rest of your website. If the homepage feels unorganized, cluttered, or dull, it is likely that the user will be overwhelmed and hesitant to explore the rest of your site. Use these Do’s and Don’ts as a guide when designing your next website.


Old Galleria Park website


New Galleria Park website


  • Do use a clear and consistent grid.

A grid is like an invisible skeleton that your design should anchor to. You can also think of a grid as a coloring page, keeping your designs inside the lines. To keep the grid more consistent in this design, we expanded several sections to be the full width of the page just like the footer section in the “before” design.

  • Do use white space.

White space can help your homepage feel fresh and uncluttered. It is important to let your content breathe so users can easily navigate and read through the site. We improved this page by adding more white space around content and images. When you have great images, don’t crowd them with other overlapping images or text.

  • Do use bright and welcoming headers.

First impressions are important! The header is the very first thing a user sees when visiting your website, so it should be bold and bright. Use impressive imagery and if you must use a transparent background make sure it does not drown out the image. We improved this header section by making it bigger, adding an image slideshow, and we used the transparent background in a more purposeful way.

  • Do use animations throughout your website.

Animations are fun and can bring more excitement to any website. This new website has a slideshow of images in each header, parallax sections, and images that come in from off of the page. Keep your user interested by surprising them with animations!


  • Don’t make the user work for it! 

Make the navigation easy to use by clearly stating the different pages of your website. In this case we changed the navigation from “Inside” and “Outside” to simply “Amenities”. Now the user can find all the amenities on one page.

  • Don’t break the grid. 

Keep your designs inside the lines! Make sure all the content and design elements on your page are anchored together. In the “before” version of this site, you can see that some elements go beyond the grid and appear to be floating away rather than help draw attention to what is really important – the content! 

  • Don’t overcomplicate the footer. 

If you have more than one footer section make sure they are separate but equal. Do this by making the logos equal sizes and align the typography. If you wish to have them separate, change the background to a lighter or darker hue. In this case the two footers are separated by a small gap and a pattern overlay on one section and not the other. 

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