The Generation You Are Missing in Your Marketing & Advertising Efforts

No, it’s not Gen Z… or Millennials. Nope, not Baby Boomers. It’s Generation C.

Generation C is a new generation of customer culture coined by Google. Unlike previous generations, Gen C is based more on a person’s mindset than their birth year. However, 61% of Gen C is under the age of 35. This generation thrives on creation, curation, connection, and community. More than half of Gen C uses the internet as their primary source of entertainment. Additionally, they use these online interactions to learn about news, products, and services.

Gen C accounts for five hundred billion dollars of spending in the US alone

Now you might be asking how Gen C differs from Millennials or even the older groups of Gen Z.

Per Google’s identification of Gen C, if you target your marketing efforts based on behavior or platform alone, you will miss the opportunity to influence their purchasing decisions by a long shot. Gen C is different from all other consumers because of their mindset. Hear us out…

According to Google, “conversation is what drives Gen C, especially when aligned with their interests. They look to connect directly with brands in order to create experiences that offer something relevant and valuable.” As opposed to other segments of your target audience, this generation is incredibly advertising savvy.

Generation C values great conversations that are aligned with its own interests

The bigger question remains, how does a brand tap into this customer pool?

Many brands and agencies are only able to skim the surface of this audience segment for several reasons. Gen C needs more than an ad that resembles their current lifestyle, hometown, or latest google search. They thrive on conversation. They want to feel heard. They want to connect with a brand on a deeper level than just following an Instagram account.

Brands that have dominated this market have viewed the consumer as more than an additional ad set or campaign. They have viewed Gen C as stakeholders and members of their tribe.

Here are five ways you can start targeting Gen C:
Position yourself as a solution rather than a product or service.
Join in the conversion, go where they are already talking. BE AUTHENTIC!
Create a strong customer culture that they WANT to be a part of.
Creativity. Creativity. Creativity!

It’s safe to say that marketing to Gen C isn’t a walk in the park. From brand development to creating seamless, effective ads, you will want an innovative, market-experienced team by your side.

At Tribu Creative, our mantra is to “build tribes that inspire people.” If you’re ready to build a tribe and tap into the market of Generation C. Give us a call!

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