The Return of Lizzie McGuire: Another Social Media Score

Lizzie McGuire speaking on stage, Tribu Marketing insights

You knew her. You loved her. You missed her. And now she’s back.

If you’re like me, a millennial or post-millennial who grew up watching Disney Channel, you are aware of the return of our beloved Lizzie McGuire to Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+. The news was announced a couple of weeks ago at the very first Disney Expo, and since then social feeds have been filled with excited reactions to the “shocking” news.

However, a heavy social media user myself, I was not that shocked when the news was announced. Why? Because Lizzie McGuire has been crowding my feed for over a year now. With a heavy flow of nostalgic Lizzie tweets and posts for a while, it is not shocking to see where Disney might have come from with this return. They saw a chance, they took it, and they scored. 

Social Media has been a big driving force for some of the most recent media decisions made over the past decade, with fans shouting out what they want and the big companies giving them. Just like with the return of Lizzie McGuire, it is through petitions, tweets, fan accounts and even memes that have allowed different forms of media to make a comeback. Shows and bands such as Gilmore Girls, the Jonas Brothers, Friends, etc. have made comebacks or simply remained online for users to enjoy. 

As marketers and strategists, it is crucial to be aware of trends and movements our particular target markets are a part of when it comes to social media. In this day and age, most of the consumer’s opinions and wants are thoroughly expressed through their social personas. For example, one of the main incentives that showcased the excitement for a possible Lizzie return was the Lizzie McGuire Fan accounts on Twitter, which garnered over 150K followers. 

One of the most prominent ones, @ImLizzieM, has been on Twitter for years. through funny posts, humorous motivational quotes, and throwback Lizzie videos, the account receives thousands of social interactions on every single post. Every reply, like, retweet, screenshot and repost played a key role in the return of Lizzie McGuire to all of our screens. Social Media helped us project our wants, and Disney made it a reality.

Not only has Disney satisfied the pleads to bring the show back, but the negative feedback that spread through social media platforms when That’s So Raven’s spinoff, Raven’s Home, first began to air has been nowhere to be found this time around. The millennial demographic was unhappy with the fact that this spinoff was targeted towards a new generation, completely ignoring the audience that made the show rise to fame. 

This time, our arguments were heard and made their way to the new premise. The Lizzie spinoff will follow a grown-up 30-year-old Lizzie as she embarks into her dream life in New York City. This is another perfect example of the power of social media platforms and how through consumer’s voices they play a key role in some of the biggest media and entertainment decisions.

Just like with the anticipated return of our beloved childhood feel-good show, Lizzie McGuire, marketers and companies should always keep an eye out on what is going on in social platforms around their target markets. You never know, you might find your biggest market opportunity yet and hit the peak you’re looking for. 

Feeling inspired yet? Keep an eye out on our portfolio to see how we’re implementing these trends into our work here at Tribu!

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