The Tribe Talent Master

Taking on a new role is never easy, but with a new role comes new opportunities to learn and advance in your career. Starting in May of 2021, I came onto the Tribu team as a project manager. 

One year in, Tribu’s CEO, Sara Helmy, announced a new role that she was opening titled “Tribe Talent Master.” As soon as I heard about this role, I knew that it was something that I wanted to pursue. Don’t get me wrong, I love project management, but when a new shiny object (role) presented itself, I knew I had to make it known that I was the person for the job. 

The Tribe Talent Master is in charge of sourcing candidates, scheduling and conducting interviews, and debriefing the team on the results of these interviews. As I have never had a role like this before, I had to do a lot of research on things such as interviewing tactics, hiring law, etc. before I felt comfortable interviewing a candidate for the first time. 

I quickly found out that no matter how much research you do on a particular role, the only way you can truly learn it is to jump right in. I took this approach with my new role, and although there were a few hiccups along the way, I feel like I was able to quickly understand and mold myself into the role of the Tribe Talent Master. 

Looking back to the start of 2022, I knew that I would be working for Tribu Marketing as the Project Manager. But I would have never thought that I would grow into the role of being the person in charge of interviewing and finding the best talent to join the Tribu team. As we continue to grow as an agency, I am excited to have the opportunity to hold such an important role.

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