Running the San Antonio Tricentennial’s End-To-End Social Media

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Together with the Tribe, managing the San Antonio Tricentennial’s end-to-end social media was an opportunity I cherished. The opportunity to reach so many and to communicate such a historic event was something I’ll always remember.

Below is a brief skeleton summary of our social plan of attack we undertook upon taking over the account in July 2017 and lasting through December 2018.

2017: The Build Up

Hyping New Year’s Eve

  • During July through November, teaser “Brand Awareness” objective ads ran, teasing the Tricentennial’s huge New Year’s Eve celebration to kickoff the year.
  • Ads were extremely successful in generating awareness, excitement, and curiosity, garnering 75,575 engagements and 442 shares over 5 months
  • As New Year’s Eve approached closer in December, we launched 5 concurrent campaigns, each focusing on a different KPI objective.
    • An Event Response campaign, directing people to RSVP the New Year’s Celebration event page (different creative graphics were used, A/B tested for performance)
  • A Website Traffic focused campaign, designed to attract San Antonians to the New Year’s Eve celebration’s landing page, where folks could learn more about more about the event and logistics
  • Additional ads directed viewers to the event’s VIP ticket purchase landing page
  • Complimentary posts highlighted miscellaneous event logistics, in addition to posts counting down the days to the celebration
  • Concurrent campaigns further drew hype to the Tricentennial as a whole, highlighting the Tricentennial’s brand new website, calling for volunteer help, spotlighting national news, and teasing upcoming Tricentennial year programs
  • Promoting the Tricentennial’s new website
  • Calling for volunteers, sponsors, and partners
  • Highlighting programs and upcoming partner events
  • Arts and Culture
  • Highlighting Merchandise
  • December 31st – January 1st – New Year’s Eve Celebration: Kicking off the Tricentennial

    • End-to-end live social media coverage gave San Antonians at home a glimpse of the celebration.
  • Highlighting Merchandise
  • Commemorative Week, the centerpiece week of the Tricentennial, was supported by a multi-tiered build-up campaign, focused on generating awareness, website traffic, and Facebook event responses.
  • An interactive video series, featuring San Antonio Spurs’ Game Host, Chuck Curaeu, further sparked  excitement

2018 Tricentennial Facebooks stats:

    • 303,000 reactions
    • 76,000 link clicks for the year
    • 26,000+ unique San Antonians reached every day
    • 12 million + impressions amazed
    • Each 411 Facebook posts published in 2018 generated an average of 888.5 engagements per post

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