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Trudy poster

Poster Design for day of the dead

The Grateful dead poster. Celebration of music

Hand-drawn posters take time but occasionally I get my hands dirty and work on some special design pieces. This is one of those projects. Crafted for Trudy’s tex-mex restaurant celebrating Día de Muertos. We combined the Grateful Dead album art of skull and roses with a traditional Calavera skull creating a poster celebrating, remembering, and honoring music, friends, and family that have passed on.

Poster Design for day of the dead
Day of the Dead T-shirt Design

For fun I’m going too dive in too how I crafted it. I like to use a combination of tools to optimize the speed of illustration work. I like to work with your good old pen and paper. Using a sharpie and a window to trace designs. I trace over what I want to keep. Once I get to a good point I will scan it over to my phone. 

Why not scan it? Well, that is one method that works well but I can eliminate 2 steps by using Adobe Capture. If you are a designer you need to go download this app now. With this app, I can automatically vectorize my drawing with all the gritty detail of the marker. Pro tip: if you want a solid vector to use the blackest marker you have on white paper. The best result comes out of high contrast.

Anyway though the amazing capture technology its super easy to do a complex illustration vectorize it and not have to hassle with scans. Its sweet becus with Adobe’s Cloud library you can pull the illustrations into any app that utilizes the library system.

Trudy poster how to
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