Using A+ content to help drive Online Sales

What’s A+ Content?

Scroll down a product’s page, this is the section of Amazon where you can learn a ton about a brand or product you’re about to consume. A+ content indicates the value of your product through a variety of media. (Photography in this case)

Some things we had to consider with the Lagio Luxury Lap desk:

Its elegance.

Its diverse features.

Its portability aspects.

Its modular design.

Its functionality.

Our job was to show people how Lagio solves their work from home – or rather, work from the sofa – constraints. With the proper photos and models, we were able to make our A+ content tell a story that bullet points just can’t do.

We see A+ content as the Push-em-over-the-edge strategy. This section is where your brand/product needs to become irresistible to your target market. Take a look at these A+ content photos Tribu created for The Lagio luxury lap desk.

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