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Why A Mantra Is The Key To Your Company’s Success

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Many of the most successful companies all have a mantra behind them. Apple, Nike, Disney, Starbucks. They all have it. When a company has one, something magical happens.

It attracts customers who believe what you believe. Most importantly, it attracts employees and turns them into advocates. All people working in that company are able to accomplish things in a very powerful way. Decisions and choices are fueled by this. 

Origins of the Word Mantra

Have you ever thought about the origins of the word mantra? The word Mantra originates from Sanskirt. ‘Man’ means mind, and ‘tra’ means tool. 

A mantra is a phrase designed to be a tool to free the mind. It is extremely powerful when companies create a mantra that serves as a tool to motivate and empower customers and employees. 

Why Mantras Matter  

Mantras are an internal message that fuels all your employed tribe’s decisions and choices. A powerful mantra that is true to company culture helps transform the company by aligning everyone to the values, beliefs, and trajectory to where the company is headed. 

It reminds employees of who they are, who their company is and most importantly – is not.

Examples of Mantras

Sports teams, non-profits, military groups all have mantras. Any successful business has one. 

At Apple, they “think different.” At Nike, they fuel “authentic athlete performance.” At Disney, they create “fun family entertainment.” At Starbucks, they facilitate “rewarding everyday moments.” In the military, they “Embrace the suck.” At Tribu, we “create tribes, inspire people.” 

Your Company’s Why

In Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, ‘How great leaders inspire action’, he discusses the importance of communicating your ‘why’ in everything you do. 

Sinek states “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Anyone can sell anything, but people buy from companies that they feel the most connected to. 

A mantra is not what you do, it why you do it. It’s what fuels you. It’s what gets your employed tribe out of bed. It’s what fuels every business decision.

Airbnb’s Mantra 

When Airbnb communicates to their customers, it’s not about how great of a service they have or how different they are from a competitor. It’s about putting their customers at the center of their brand. 

They communicate how you can “belong anywhere with Airbnb.”

Airbnb highlights the travel stories of their customers and let the customers do they storytelling, not them. They do this on all areas customers interact with their brand – either on their website or on social media. 

They communicate in a way that is different to everyone else. 

Mantras Are for Employees and Customers 

Your ‘why’ is not only for your customers, it’s for your employed tribe too. Communicating your ‘why’ through a mantra will turn your employees into advocates. It differentiates employees who work blood, sweat and tears vs. just for a paycheck. 

Creating a Mantra

When you create a mantra, ask yourself, does this create a spark in me? Does this inspire an action? Is this repeatable, to the point, easy to remember and hard to forget?

Mantras guide your employed tribe and customers in a very powerful way. It is very much an internal message as much as it is external. 

Your mantra tells the world why your in business. It is what fuels your employed tribe in their day-to-day. Revisit your mantra to make sure it creates a spark, is repeatable, to the point, easy to remember and hard to forget.

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