San Antonio Spurs’ Social Media Part II

Welcome to Part II of my look at the San Antonio Spurs’ social media presence and what their content’s success tells me Tribu should be doing.

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Today my focus is on how the Spurs’ leverage social to generate last-minute ticket sales.

Conveniently as I write this blog, the Spurs play the Brooklyn Nets tonight at the AT&T Center. To see what the Spurs are doing ad wise, I clicked on a little-known, but powerful, link on the Spurs’ Facebook page – “Info and Ads” (seen on all Facebook business pages).

San Antonio Spurs Info and Ads | Tribu Digital Marketing

Info and Ads, a recent feature released by Facebook in the past year, allows anyone to view any and all “dark” Facebook and Instagram ads running on my peoples’ newsfeeds in real time.

I discovered the Spurs are running four subsequent ads at once, all with the goal of generating last-minute online ticket sales for the evening’s big game:

Social Media of the San Antonio Spurs' | Tribu Digital Marketing

While we aren’t able to pinpoint exactly who these ads are targeting (except for Longhorn school spirit night ad), we do know is the Spurs are wisely leveraging a number of different creative types (a large squared graphic, a smaller thumbnail graphic with post copy, a video, and the Longhorn graphic) to all promote tonight’s game.

I commend the Spurs on what they’re doing here – in leveraging this tactic, the Spurs are positioning themselves up for success to generate last-minute sales:

  • A/B testing different creative
  • Diversifying content with different messaging
  • Targeting specific audiences likely to resonate with the ad more than the average (eg – Longhorn fans for Longhorn spirit night)

From what I’ve observed from billboards and Google Display ads, this “last second” ticket strategy is leveraged and supported on other platforms as well.

Good work Spurs’ digital marketing team and Go Spurs Go!

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