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Texas Margarita Factory Primary Logo with Broking Glass Background GIF - Brand Portfolio by Tribu

Texas Margarita Factory Brand Portfolio

Texas Margarita Factory has a new glow-up. In on the funky and fun with bright colors that match their bright and wacky drinks…
Image of Double Helix DNA Strand

Brand DNA—What is it and why does it matter?

Is your brand living up to its “genetic code”? Discover what a brand’s DNA reveals and how archetypes play a role.

Centro Family Pride Day, A Brave Space for Family – Design by Tribu

Family-friendly pride events are not as common. That’s why this graphic design campaign is focused to celebrate pride in a safe and fun way.
Brutalist Design Concept

Your Art is Boring: The Rise of “Brutalist” Design

It goes by many names: brutalist design, anti-design, postmodern design. They all have one goal; tear down the rules and build something new.
Brand guide design

4 Reasons Why Every Brand Needs a Brand Guide

You may be thinking that brand guides are “only for larger companies”. We are here to tell you why having a brand guide is just as important as having a logo.
pawhootz pet resort brand guide design

Pawhootz Brand Redesign

While the overall brand is fun and playful, there are still rules in place that make the brand and its elements cohesive.
Braised Gods Logo Design by Tribu Graphic Design Team

Logo Design for Braised Gods, an Oaxaca and Puebla Inspired Food Truck

Meet the new brand for “Braised Gods” – The inspired graphic designers pulled mouth-watering inspiration from Aztec and Mayan ceremonial dress.

3 Strategies to Keep You Learning and Growing as a Graphic Designer

Working as a graphic designer over the years I have developed some strategies that have helped me grow. These are some helpful tips that have helped me become a better graphic designer.

How smart typography can improve conversion and user experience within your digital marketing!

Typography can often be a design tool that is overlooked when it comes to converting users into buyers, promoters or even ambassadors. The majority of marketers stick with what is “safe” such as images, color or video when it comes to getting the attention of a user.
Media Company research, Tribu Insights

4 Reasons Why Treating Your Business Like a Media Company Will Help You Grow

Being in the business you’re in, already makes you super knowledge about what you are currently selling. Use this knowledge to your advantage by educating people on the challenges they might encounter that have to do with your business.


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