Warby Parker: Rethinking Retail

Many e-commerce businesses are rethinking the traditional brick-and-mortar approach to retail. More and more businesses are choosing to solely conduct sales online. Businesses have options; whether it’s through their own website, Instagram, or Etsy.

E-commerce allows businesses to focus more on their product offering rather than the administrative duties required in running a physical store. For some businesses, it just doesn’t make sense to pay for retail space when selling online has such a low cost of entry.

Warby Parker is one example of a company who lead this transition. Warby Parker established their business completely online. They took a low-cost approach by cutting out the middleman and keeping product in-house. By designing their own frames, sourcing their own materials, and working directly with manufacturers Warby was able to keep costs low and maintain their quality.

Selling online for a product like glasses seemed crazy before their launch. How do you buy glasses without going to the store and trying on multiple pairs? At Home Trials. With Warby, you can choose 5 glasses online and receive all five to try on at home. Customers are able to test them out with different hairstyles and outfits and decide which is the best frame for them. They send the rest back and only pay for one.

As Warby grew they expanded their approach to support its brand and offer additional services and now they operate in multiple retail locations across the country.