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Graphic Design for Mint Competitors by Tribu

Mint, Logo Design and Graphic Design Elements by Tribu

See the Mint Competitors logo design and graphic design elements by Tribu Advertising Agency. We had a great time bringing this brand to life!
Escape Room Branding Design

Escape Room San Antonio Branding

When they came to us with the need for a new brand we knew we had to capture their passion for building connections through collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity.
Ennoble logo design

High-performance Patient Care Ennoble Logo Design

Typically, when we think of medical brands, we think of clean design, white space, and blue to make it feel welcoming. This creates a sterile brand. For Ennoble we wanted to take it a different direction that commanded attention. 
barcom brand design

Barcom Brand Guide

We Designed a sleek “B” logo to represent their brand. To complement this, we also created several geometric- and gradient-style patterns to represent Barcom
pawhootz pet resort brand guide design

Pawhootz Brand Redesign

While the overall brand is fun and playful, there are still rules in place that make the brand and its elements cohesive.
Braised Gods Logo Design by Tribu Graphic Design Team

Logo Design for Braised Gods, an Oaxaca and Puebla Inspired Food Truck

Meet the new brand for “Braised Gods” – The inspired graphic designers pulled mouth-watering inspiration from Aztec and Mayan ceremonial dress.

3 Strategies to Keep You Learning and Growing as a Graphic Designer

Working as a graphic designer over the years I have developed some strategies that have helped me grow. These are some helpful tips that have helped me become a better graphic designer.

Healthy Food and Beverage logo and Branding

Logo branding, color choices, design for san antonio, Branding for social
Waterway logo design and branding by Tribu

Waterway Logo Update

How to update an existing logo without loosing brand recognition. All while keeping key elements of the original logo the CEO loves.
Colors choices and pantones for print

Color Psychology: How color can make or break your brand

humans associate colors with specific feelings and emotions.  Colors influence how we perceive people, places, things, and brands.


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