How To Create An Optimized Instagram Profile

Since it’s inception in 2010, Instagram has skyrocketed to become one of the leading social networking apps in the world and has since been able to maintain 1 billion active users (Sprout Social). As competitors continue to crowd the digital marketing space, Instagram has continued to hold it’s own, molding from a photo-heavy platform to incorporating videos and Instastories. Start your Instagram strong by reading these tips on how to optimize your social media profile, and check out some of the inspiration we’ve provided for some extra inspiration.


1. Don’t Be Shy

A lot of personal accounts are private, however, it’s important for businesses to create a public account for visibility and to allow potential followers to find you easily. With a public account, those who stumble into your page can view all of your posts, see your tagged posts, and will be more likely to follow you if they decide they like what they see.


2. Creativity But Make It Simple

Usernames are a great and fun way for your company to get creative. But, keep in mind that you want to use something that can be easily recognized, searched, and linked back to you. For example, an ice cream shop named Amy’s in Austin, Texas could use the username “@AmysIceCreamAustin.”

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3. Keep It On Brand

Some personal accounts use memes or funny images for their profile pictures. However, it’s recommended that business accounts use their own logo so that potential customers can easily identify you out of a list of competitors, hashtags and usernames. You’ll also look more professional and put together by doing so.

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4. It’s All About The Bio

Just like the profile picture, an “Instagram Bio” is what visitors will look at first. Here, a business has an opportunity to introduce themselves and highlight any services of theirs. But remember, you only have 150 characters to do so. Don’t be afraid to bring in some spunk and personality when you’re writing these and make sure that you place a link within it that you regularly update.


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5. Quality Over Quantity, Always

Although posting frequently will get more eyes on your page, that doesn’t mean they’ll become brand fans of yours. it’s more important to post high-quality images, graphic design, and video content in order to create that difference in your online presence. To create beautiful, relevant content keep this in mind: 

  • Will my audience be interested in this?
  • Is this well framed and designed?
  • Has it been edited and how does it look on my feed overall?

There’s no need to fear joining social media apps like Instagram. They’re a great and fairly simple way for you to create engagement with your customers and introduce yourself to new ones too. Speak with one of our digital marketing experts to get you started with a strong social media game.

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